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Toddler bath products?

Im looking forward to some answers id just like to know what you think is the best product/s to ise in the bath...

7 Answers

Video: Polar bear cub enjoys a bath

Babies don’t always enjoy a bath but this polar bear cub sure knows how to have fun in her bath. Did your babies like...

18 Answers

How to make bath paints for the kids

Make bath time for the kids extra fun by making them this super easy bath paint; it’ll only take you two minutes! Bath paint Ingredients: shaving...

14 Answers

How often do you wash your bathroom mats?

How often do you wash them and how do you wash your?

18 Answers

Can you clean a rubber duck?

My daughter loves her rubber ducks but I’ve noticed that there seems to be a bit of mold growing inside of them from...

37 Answers

Bath plug replacement

I inherited a Bebe ju baby bath. Unfortunately I lost the bath plug. The plug is slightly larger than contemporary bath plugs (flat...

1 Answers

Oil of cloves stained my bathroom, help!

I decided I would try the less toxic way of removing mould by using pure oil of cloves. Evidently I spilt some on...

9 Answers

How much water should be in the bath?

When running a bath for my baby what level should the water be? Is it fine to submerge their ears?

24 Answers

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