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Help me to stop my child watching too much Youtube...

I try to limit it to weekends but she on it after school, I work nites and she’s...

13 Answers

Does anyone else's older child copy their you...

My 2 year old copies her 1yr old sister all the time. When she meets new people she...

4 Answers

MoM Hints for Home

Check out this awesome collection of hacks and tips for your home. SANITISE AND STERILISE BOARDS: There’s nothing messier (or more scary) than raw chicken! Avoid...

6 Answers

How do you hide more veggies in your kids (and par...

My princess and partner need to add more vegetables into their diets but they turn their nose up at the...

14 Answers

Best cold remedies?

What are everyone’s go-to cold remedies or prevention tips?

7 Answers

Tips to help bub sleep in own bed?

My Bub is a good sleeper during the day but come night she’s a whole different baby! She hates her cot, she will...

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Cancer how has it impacted your family?

How has the big C impacted you’re family. Having a hard time accepting it’s presence in mine.

3 Answers

Fussy 4 year old who won’t eat new foods

How do you get your 4 year old to try new foods. My son is so fussy and I don’t know what to...

4 Answers

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