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Has anyone used flushable wipes?

Would love to know who has used flushable wipes and is it worth buying them? Would they be good for toilet training?

11 Answers

Why does my toddler want a diaper in the bath?

My toddler normally loves the bath but has suddenly started this trend where she’ll tell us she wants...

8 Answers

Can anyone offer advice with toilet training?

My 2.5 yr old will not stay on the toilet and moments after coming off the toilet she either does a wee or...

3 Answers

Toilet training – do I NEED a potty?

Ok, the thought of scooping the contents out of a potty repulses me. Yes, I’ve had it all over me, on my hands,...

22 Answers

Please can someone help with toilet training?

My missy will be 3 1/2 soon and when I try to put knickers on her she goes crazy and yells and struggles...

17 Answers

10 great toilet training tips

As daunting as it may be as parents toilet training is something we all need to face. Toilet training can be an exciting time...

29 Answers

How long do boys take to potty train?

My 4 year old son has tried to use the potty for a while then he stopped. I had the stickers to use as...

8 Answers

Needing advice on toilet training regression?

My daughter will be 3 in June and has been going really well with her toilet training for the past 4/5 months and...

4 Answers

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