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A massive welcome from all of us at Mouths of Mums.  A place where close to 2 million Australian women come together each month.

There are so many reasons you’ll be glad you joined us.  It’s worth taking a few minutes now to check it all out (so you know what we’re talking about in the coming weeks and month) …

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All Mouths of Mums members have the opportunity to take part in TRIALS & REVIEWS. 

This is where we give you products of all sorts (for free), you try them and then tell us what you think.  All sorts of brands come to us asking for our members’ opinions – cars, kitchen appliances, grocery items, baby products, pharmaceutical products, health & beauty products … you name it, we review it!

If you’d like to get involved, make sure your PROFILE is fully completed.  This will help us match you up with the right trials.  You must also STAY SUBSCRIBED to our newsletters – if we can’t email you, we can’t communicate with you about the trial.

Whenever you see a trial & review promoted via our newsletters or social channels, make sure you APPLY.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get selected first time around – keep applying and you’re sure to be selected for other trials. Take a peek at some of the MOM REVIEWS >>>

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All Mouths of Mums members have the opportunity to WIN PRIZES and EARN REWARDS.

The MoM.Comps team are launching new competitions every week so there’s always great prizes on offer.  Remember you can enter competitions multiple times to increase your chances of winning! Check out all our COMPETITIONS >>>

MoM.Rewards is also a wonderful way to get your hands on some amazing rewards.  In a nutshell, MoM.Rewards allows you to build up your points each month by being an active member on the MoM site.  Over the month, you can see where you are on the leaderboard via your personal MY REWARDS page.  Find out more about MOM REWARDS >>>

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If you’re always looking for ideas and inspiration to feed your family, throw a birthday party or add some new ideas, you need to check out MoM.CookClub!

MoM.CookClub combines recipes from real mums just like you with recipes from our MoM.CookClub team and Recipe Partners.  There are thousands of recipes that are definitely worth a look. Check out what you’ll make for dinner tonight over at MOM COOK CLUB >>>

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Want opinions about products from other mums before you buy?  Want to tell others what you think?

Our Pre-Shop Directory is all about rating products you’ve tried so that others who are thinking about buying have your opinion to help them decide.  With over 16,000 products in our Directory, you’re sure to find ratings for the product you’re thinking of purchasing.  Don’t forget you can earn points for every written rating you submit. Visit the MoM PRE SHOP DIRECTORY >>>

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MoM Members love having this safe space to ask questions of other Mums.  Mum to Mum is the best kind of advice – because so many have been in your shoes before!

If you have a question you’d like to ask, or you just want to see what type of questions (and answers) other Mums post, check out MOM ANSWERS >>>

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The MoM Editorial team have their finger on the pulse! If it’s happening in the news or in the homes of real mums like you, we’ll share a story.

If you want the best go to for the latest news and stories, visit MOM ARTICLES >>>

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Want to make the most of your MoM Membership?  Keep your profile UP TO DATE!

Your up to date PROFILE allows us to ensure that every time there’s an opportunity to include you, we will.  And because we don’t want to send you products that are not relevant, it’s important we always have a full picture of you and your family.  If there is information you’d prefer not to disclose, simply select ‘Prefer Not to Say’.  Most importantly, keep your address and mobile phone number as up to date as possible – if we send a prize or product to review to an old address, we are unable to send another to you at your new address. Check YOUR MOM PROFILE >>>

Thanks again for joining us!

We’re all about creating a space where thousands of mums can share their motherhood experiences and connect with other mothers for support, fun, friendship, and advice and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

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