We care for our granddaughter, she won’t wear dresses or skirts. Her graduation for grade 7 is soon. Don’t know what to do as they wear dresses. Tried talking to her but nothing works. Any suggestions.

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  • I don’t understand why she would have to wear a dress ? My eldest daughter is in year 12 and won’t wear a dress either. For graduation she wants to wear a long trousers, shirt with a corset over that

  • She can wear whatever she wants. Girls don’t have to wear dresses or skirts these days. Let her wear what she’s comfortable in. There’s so much else going on for them at this age don’t make clothing an issue for her.

  • Why is this even an issue? Girls don’t have to wear dresses! There are lovely jumpsuits out there she might like. I’ve even seen tuxedos and pant suits on women. There’s definitely other options to a dress

  • I would let her wear what she feels comfortable wearing, so long as it’s not too radical for a school function.

  • What did she end up wearing… was she happy?

  • I agree with these other comments. Dont try to force her if she isnt comfortable.

  • I would let her dress in some nice pants and top:)

  • As many people are saying, you’ve gotta let her be who she wants to be. At this age they’re developing their own style. If they are made to wear something the hate and/or feel uncomfortable in, it will affect her esteem in a negative way. You need to be supportive of all her decisions whether you like them or not (unless it’s detrimental to her being of course)

  • let her wear whatever she is comfortable in!!! individuality is key

  • Agree with the replies,we talked & pants is what she wants .So off to Target ,real soon .Blouses &tops can be good as you all said .Think I’m more fussed than her .!

  • Does she have to wear a dress? Doesn’t seem fair to me. I would just let her be herself, you can get some nice dressy outfits that aren’t dresses – pants and top. There are bigger things to worry about than a girl wearing a dress. I would let her assert her individuality and wear what she feels comfortable in.

  • Let her be herself and wear pants.
    If you want her to look smart buy her a suit. They look great on girls as well as guys.
    Add a pretty tie or bow tie and she’ll look amazing.

  • Just dont force her, and let her be herself. I have been a bit of a tomboy, all my life. Take her to a nice store, and get a lovely pantsuit, maybe? Best wishes, and congratulations to your Grand daughter x

  • GREAT advice and suggestions from the moms as usual, my daughter is in her early 30’s and still prefers pants/slacks or jeans. She has gone to many of her friends weddings in dress pants and a nice feminine top with the occasional jacket/blazer.
    All the very best to her and you and wishing her a wonderful time. :-)

  • I was exactly the same at that age. I would wear a floor length skirt & a top (ONLY if I had too) but much preferred a nice pant suit with a shirt.

  • Great ideas ,I will see the school ,see if she can wear pants &nice blouse .I don’t force her ,shes had no parent for all her life .I just want her happy .Cheers

  • Does the school mandate that a dress must be worn? If so, that’s a bit outdated and they need to have a look at their policies. I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts. I am not comfortable in them. I much prefer to wear pants. Doesn’t make me any less of a female. There are skirt-pants and skirt-shorts (skorts?) around now (long or short pants with a flap of fabric attached to then to give the illusion of a skirt) – would that work for your granddaughter if wearing dress pants is absolutely out of the question?

  • Maybe come to a half way mark of pants with a skirt and a pretty top. I have a 15yo who hates dresses as well, but she will wear a skirt, there maybe an underline issue for not wearing a dress, my daughter was because she has big boobs and doesn’t want to show them off.

  • Let her be herself. Why force her into something that will make her feel utterly uncomfortable on a special day?
    Schools should be more lenient these days also and not force her into a stereotype that must wear a dress.

  • I would not be making her wear a dress . There are plenty of nice pants that could be matched up with a sparkly top ? Sit down with her & google fashion & see what she would prefer to wear . There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at social function if you are wearing something you do not like.

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