My boys want to get a pet and I think they are old enough. I grew up with cats so I would love to get one. Are they good for kids?

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  • Different breeds of cats have different temperaments. Usually ragdoll cats are more relaxed in terms of children. When looking for a cat, I’d suggest one that has been handled a lot since being born because chances are that your kids will want to pick up the cat/kitten and carry it everywhere and want to play with the cat. You will need to keep an eye on the cat and children to teach the kids signs of when the cat has had enough. A natural consequence being cat scratching or biting if the signs are ignored.

  • Cats are ok.
    I got fish. Low maintenance and cost. No vet bills and they don’t get stood on lol.

  • We have a cat- they don’t really like kids

  • We’re getting our boy a guinea pig for his 4th birthday. As long as you supervise until you know they will be gentle.

  • Defendants a bit in the kds and your lifestyle. It should e ok.

  • I grew up around lots of animals and loved it. We didn’t get around to pets for our kids til the youngest was 2. They are great companions and teach the kids some life lessons

  • Growing up with a pet is such joy,l say a cat or a dog would be great.

  • Any pet that is selected for children is a good tool for teaching responsibility, but it will totally depend on the boys are they gentle by nature or are they play fighting until they are exhausted or the munchies (food) calls. If you think a cat would be best take them to a rescue shelter and let them choose which one (or two) they want, If they happily share toys then one should be fine but if they fight over toys or have their own then maybe two would be better and they would be company for each other during the day.

  • A fish, look but don’t touch, :)

  • I would say yes, I think cats are the best pets for kids, we have had crabs, fish guinea pigs and a cat is definately my pick for my kids

  • Depends on the age of your children but please please please only get a pet if you are committed to looking after it all it’s life. Too many animals are euthanised in pounds every year because people did not think it through properly. It is a lifetime commitment not a toy ;-)

  • Guinea Pigs (as long as you only get one sex lol!!) – they serve many purposes – kids can play with them, look after them by learning about how to clean out their house, they eat lots of veggies and veggie scraps (so recycling and keeping food costs down) – they come in lots of funky colours, long hair, short hair etc and there is a great kids action movie called G force where guinea pigs/hamsters are the stars! Good luck though with whatever pet you decide :)

  • Dog or cat really depends on the bred. A ragdoll cat or british blue would be good for kids, or a king Charles or Labrador for a dog depending on space etc. Animals are great if you have the time and love for them.

  • I love cats. They make great pets for kids. I used to rescue cats and my eldest is a huge animal lover as a result.

  • I grew up with cats and so are my boys I honestly think they are really good for children of all ages. Cats can be comforting when needed and also give space. I highly recommend you get a cat. Great for responsibility too

  • To find the personality of a kitten, I would suggest fostering kittens through RSPCA or other rescue and that way you can teach your boys on how to look after them and if the kitten’s not quite a good fit for the family then try another litter and this way you will find one that suits your family as kittens personalities change as they grow and some don’t like being given attention or good with young kids and you will know that your boys will be responsible and care for the kitten and also helping out the rescues during kitten season while they find new homes! Older cats need homes too and their personality is set do you will know if they are good with kids which a lot are. Good luck finding the right pet – and remember to neuter!

  • I think so, teaching them gentleness at that age is very important, also if you get a kitten the kitten will learn along with the children.

  • My daughter is always playing with her nans cat though id suggest get a kitten so it can grow up with the kids as the other cat Nan has is quite fiesty so I keep her away from that one

  • Sausage Dogs, are gr8t with children.. Dutch hounds, I think is the right name for them… But they are GR8T with children., over protective with their owners… I’ve had mine since a puppy… Loyalty, Love, Respectful Dog’s they are… An not as loud as the Chuawwa?(spelling) Good Luck, finding the right puppy, for your Babies… All the best, Gloria, Ronald, Children & Granddaughter….

  • Bunnies are pretty easy to look after and great to cuddle.

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