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  • A dance off or musical statues is good as is the very old favourite of musical chairs.
    Not so much a game but activity, cupcake or circuit decorating is always a hit.
    If you have a large Lego collection a timed Lego building competition either in teams or individually.
    With warm weather coming you could have water balloon throwing games which pair can get theirs to last the longest.

  • We did popcorn relays for my daughter’s birthday and it was great. Get some disposable plactic cups, put a hole in the bottom and thread through a rubber band. Secure it with a paperclip, put one on each foot, fill it with popcorn and get the kids to run to a box and lift their feet to empty the popcorn in. First team to fill the box wins. Unfortunately each time we’ve played it it’s rained and we’ve had to do it inside. It was hilarious and very very messy.

  • Pin the tail on the donkey! kids love this one!

  • Spin the bottle nail polish! I suggest doing it outside in case of spills but my daughter and her friends loved playing it. You get a bunch of nail polishes 10-20 and arrange them in a circle get the kids to sit around the circle of nail polish and spin a bottle taking turns, whichever colour the bottle falls on they paint one nail that colour, keep going until everyone has a full set of rainbow nails :)

  • the chocolate game – loads of fun and laughter – get a block of chocolate, put it in the freezer overnight so it is solid, get some plastic knives and forks, several pairs of different types of gloves (snow gloves, oven mits, rubber gloves anything to make dexterity a challenge), a few scarves or a couple of hats or helmets….each child takes turn rolling a dice (I suggest getting an oversized one from the cheapy shop so it doesn’t get lost) and the child who rolls a 6 has to put on a pair of gloves, a hat or helmet and a scarf, then use the knife and fork to cut a square of chocolate at a time – the children keep rolling the dice until another child rolls a six, then it is their turn and so on and so forth until the chocolate is gone – it is lots of fun seeing the kids trying to use the utensils whilst wearing the gloves/hats etc

  • See who can keep two balloons in the air the longest
    Pile of cotton wool balls in front of each kid, put a dab of Vaseline on each kids nose,,see how many balls they can pick with their nose and place behind them.
    Treasure hunt party with clues leading to next clue

  • Kids of this age love competition. Plan a treasure hunt. Leave cues inside and outside and the kids will love the adventure and it takes time to plan and place the cues, but the kids get such a kick out of it so it is worth the effort.

    Another thing they will enjoy is give each child a part of a photograph and they have to find where this photo is and go and stand there and yell out “found it”. This can be done in the home or in the yard or even in a park.

    A new twist on pin the tail on the donkey. Have something of relevance to the group of children. An example put shoes on a Barbie. Have a large picture printed or drawn and have printed cut out pictures of a pair of shoes, one for each child and have their names printed on the back and also place on the back some double sided tape. They remove the tape are blind folded, and they turn around a few times and then place the shoes on the Barbie. This can be adapted to whatever you decide. You can have place wheels to a truck etc.

    Kids love dressing up so have a dress up box and the kids can select from that and create a performance. Either a few together or as an individual. They are very imaginative and just love this. You will be amazed at what they come up with.

    You might like to have a have a quiz, kids love this.

    It takes some planning to have a successful party, but is worth the effort.

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