We live in a very very cold part of NSW and I am wondering if electric blankets are safe for my kids (8 and 11) to use? I was never allowed one growing up, but I was wondering what other mums thought. Thanks

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  • Definitely not if they still wet the bed! Otherwise, my personal preference would be to use them to warm the bed up, but not leave them on at night.

  • I can’t see the problem of using one for the children as long as it isn’t really old!

  • Cherz, I just noticed that you suggested doonas with down/feathers in them.
    Some people are allergic to them. They can trigger chronic hayfever or asthma.

  • I’ve never used one as I don’t like anything electrical on my bed . Being kids I would use a thicker blanket instead as kids being kids , I wouldn’t trust anything electrical with them .

  • they do not need them! please do not use

  • I wet the bed as a kid, so my parents put the blanket on top instead of on the mattress. As long as they’re turned off when the kids go to bed, they’re fine

  • I would never use one for myself let alone kids. I went to school with a girl who gor burnt so badly by a malfunctioning one

  • I am not a fan of electric blankets for kids… They sleep so deeply, and may overheat. We never had them growing up. I am a big believer in wool blankets – great place to buy them is at garage sales, and give them a really good wash x

  • No. family members had one catch fire at the control switch. It was switched off, not left on. The switch melted and it was definitely off. I hadn’t been fiddled with by little fingers which was their first thought. Luckily she got home from shopping when she did or it would have been a major fire. The smell from the plastic burning hung in the air for a couple of days. The family slept in the Sitting Room and Games Room for a few nights. The windows were open all day but when it rained overnight so they had to be closed.

  • No, anything electrical is not 100% safe. I would never let my kids have one, I was always brought up with a deal with it attitude, your cold then put some warmer clothes on or grab another blanket, your hot go get under the hose, your have a runny nose blow it and rest. Not to mention it Is a waste of electricity. And yes they can be dangerous, many cases of the electric blanket shorting out and catching on fire. Or melting other things that may be one bed. They are more meant for warming up the bed then turning off before you go to sleep.

  • I wouldn’t use an electric blanket for my kids they sell lots of onesies for kids these days that are warm and thermal blankets are great as well

  • I don’t see why you couldn’t use them however I would only have it on to warm the bed and not have it on all night for them. just make sure they have a very warm or several warm blankets. And educate your kids about them. I have 2 boys that are 8 & 10 and I’ve told them that if they leave it on all night that their blood will boil lol

  • Yes as long as you follow the instructions. We have the ones that fit the bed like a fitted sheet and have never had a problem with them.

  • I had one growing up as I lived in a very cold area.. I currently don’t let my 4 year old have one, but maybe when she is older. Just make sure to teach them to turn it off.

  • We are on stand-alone power so we don’t usually have enough power to run electric blankets so we are big supporters of the hot water bottle. Works wonders even when temps are minus 3. Saves money big time too!

  • I couldn’t sleep peacefully with one on the bed after my parents had a smouldering mattress caused by the electric blanket. I would be happier using a hot water bottle to warm up their beds!

  • I think in pregnancy they are not safe for a developing fetus but with children as long as they are only turned on for a little while to heat up the bed then turn off. Never leave on while they sleep as the child can easily overheat.

  • So long as they are way past the bed-wetting stage, then yes! Do they want them or is it you thinking they want them? If they’re asking, then why not?

  • no I would never let my kid use one until they are atleast 16

  • Instead of worrying about electric blankets have a look at polar fleece sheets as when I bought them I could no longer use the electric blanket. Safer for you and the kids and that’s not even talking about the cost factor. Get good quality sheet sets and you wont be disappointed.

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