Hi, doing just a bit of market research in regards to parties:
a) Do you use disposable party supplies (ie. Plates, cups, cutlery, serviettes etc)
b) Do you plan a theme for your party (ie. Colour, activity, character)
c) Where do you usually purchase your disposable party supplies? (ie. Online, eBay, department store, discount variety store etc)
d) What do you usually spend on a party?

Thanks so much for your responses!

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  • I go disposable plates and cups purchased from a store like Big W. Usually there is some sort of theme, e.g. a colour such as pink, or a beach theme. The cost is usually around $100 including food and drinks.

  • The best way to go is disposable everything. That way you don’t have to stress about items being broken or cleaning up broken glass etc. I buy a lot of it from discount stores. Another useful tip is to ask each guest to bring a plate, helps keep costs down

  • If it’s a party for my daughter I use as much disposable as possible, except for my serving trays. She’s too young to care about a theme yet so we just do a themed cake for her instead and we’ll purchase the supplies wherever we can find them cheapest, online or on sale in the shops. We probably only spend about $100.

    Now, in saying that, if I was going to use a party planner it would be for something nicer like a dinner party or fancy tea. In that case I would use non-disposable dishes, if you’re starting a party planning business it’d be great if you could supply dishware in a variety of ranges so nice bright festive ones, fancy china with delicate details and old school tea sets. That is one of the most expensive things about trying to put a themed party together for adults, trying to make the table go along with the food theme and I’d totally hire a party planner who can help me get the right table setting without me having to buy and then keep a whole bunch of dishes I might not use again. And I’d be willing to spend a couple hundred for something like that. For my daughter’s party’s I like to keep it more laid back and relaxed but for ones for the grown-ups it’d be great to have extra help to make them fancy.

  • a) Yes I use disposable party supplies, I try to get a colour matching my theme
    b) Always, my son’s first was Cookie Monster and my daughter has chosen Alice in Wonderland for next year
    c) Cheap shops usually unless I cannot find the colour then a party supply store
    d) I am great at keeping it below $150, for my sons we only spent $127

  • In the past I have purchased disposable plastic plates, cups and cutlery. My daughter turned 1 last year and we have a basic pink themed party at a park with the disposable bits and pieces, streamers and balloons. I bought them either from Woolworths or a local party place.

    I will be interested to see some of the other suggestions because I’ll have to step my game up this year and in the coming years as she gets older!

  • Thanks everyone for your answers, it’s very helpful!

  • I just buy my paper plates etc at coles … I buy the plates that arehard as with the softer plates the food can fall off…. oh and about a theme party well I think any time is a good time for a party

  • Themed parties are heaps of fun and easy too if you tell people to dress up. There can be simple themes like mismatched clothes or something. Everyone joins in that way too.. Costco is the best place to pick up stuff for a party.. All your paper plates and cups and food all in one place.

  • I use a mixture of disposal and glass ware that I can re-use for the next birthday. I tend to buy serviettes,plastic utensils and plates every 2nd year has I buy in bulk to save money.Since having kids am into the whole theme party has I did not have any of this growing up and putting a bit of time and effort makes it all special for the little ones.
    I always try to keep it under budget has we can get carried away with kids party planning and I buy my party supplies from varies stores.I bargain hunt a lot and I plan months in advance to keep my cost down.

  • I use the disposable decore plates. I find this helps with the clean up and cost!

  • 1. YES, all the time if I’ve got more than 15 people
    2. YES, generally there will be a theme. Last one was my daughter’s 8th birthday we had a ‘Dancing’ theme
    3. Purchase from $2 shop or Kmart on most occassions. Sometimes on eBay if it’s something specific I need
    4. All up, with cake, around $200-$250

  • yes , lots of planning. Sometimes I use disposable party stuff but depends on what type of party.
    If its a dinner party I like to use nice dinnerware, tablecloths etc.
    Organised picnics, fun parties I choose a theme and have matching paper plates ie high tea when travelling includes put together stands, paper cake containers with matching serviettes etc
    Cost – will depend on party. For my granddaughters 21st the budget is higher for bollywood theme but we try to use themes across family so we can reuse tablecloths etc more than once. We now collect theme stuff in boxes to share which helps with costs and look at options such as can we get some decorating items from op shops which are great for that and you can often get cheap items that fit.

  • a) Yes, Yes Yes disposable party supplies for kids parties. NO! for Adult parties.
    b) Theme party’s are great fun but some parents feel under pressure for best dressup etc
    c) K-Mart, Big W, Coles plan ahead and sometimes a party shop
    d) Budget about $25 per adult and $12 per child

    Thanks so much for your responses!

  • We always use disposable plates, cups & cutlery at parties as this makes for a quick clean up afterwards. We usually buy from a friend who has a shop – he sells lollies, chips cleaning supplies and containers etc but if we are not organised than you can buy from supermarkets, cheap shops or even Costco, remember any left overs just get put away for next time. I don’t do themes as I find these are too expensive. The last party we had cost us $120.00 for 30 kids and 10 adults. Food wise we had party pies, sausage rolls, croissants, pizza, lollies, chips, carrots, celery, dips, chocolate mousse, carrot cake and of course the birthday cake

  • Good luck with your venture –
    1. yes I generally use disposable plates etc
    2. depends on what the boys want but generally there is some kind of theme
    3. I generally get the disposable things from the supermarket
    4. I don’t like spending a lot on things I am going to throw away so I would think less than $20 for this type of thing

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