My son is just a little over 4 months. We’ve started him on bananas, sweet potato, pear and now trying carrots which he’s absolutely fine with and so far no allergies. However in the last 2 weeks or so he has been waking up around the same time crying as if he is in pain, then he stops for a few seconds, sometimes takes his dummy then starts crying again. He has been fed and nappy changed and also he is a healthy baby boy but just seems odd as its so unexpected to have him wake just crying like somethings scared him and I pretty much have to carry him for ages until hes calmed down and back to sleep. I’m not sure whether its his teeth or something else. Anyone else ever had a similar situation?

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  • sounds like stomach pains from wind. if you try to straighten a leg out gently and they really resist that, then it is wind and they don’t want to stretch out

  • Thats the worst things with little ones, you never really know. It could be a little bit of wind, a few tummy pains, teeth, nightmare, or just a I woke up and want a cuddle thing. Maybe keep a diary of what food and drink they have before bedtime and see if anything makes a difference. If you are worried and it doesn’t settle down ask your doctor or your bubs community nurse.

  • At 4 months milk is enough or if he’s hungry still then farex I think it’s called, baby cereal is great and maybe the solids are too much for him, he may not tolerate 4 different types of solids or it may be teething.

  • If your bub is 4 months old and you have already introduced 4 new foods thats quite a lot. You should really just introduce one food and give that same food for 5 days to a week before introducing another food as if your child reacts you can then be sure what.
    At 4 months i would perhaps just slow down with the solids as perhaps this is causing tummy aches. Bub doesnt really need anything more then the milk at 4 months.

  • It could be teething, my daughter started teething at 4 months. Try giving him a face washer or frozen teething ring. Another possibility is wind pain. I would take him for a check up with your community nurse just to be on the safe side.

  • both of my boys did this their teeth were the culprit try some bonjela on his gums and see what happens as soon as they had it on there it eased my eldest had 4 teeth cut by the time he was 5 months and this crying at all hours and not being able to be consolled started at 3 months.

  • Sounds like an ear infection… take him to his doc asap, and let him check his ears… and if nothing is there right now, keep an eye out for the signs (ear pulling and nose blocking especially)…it will probably be coming soon if it’s not already there!

  • Maybe he wasn’t ready for food just yet..

  • One of our little Naughties would get a little constipated if she had banana too often, but teething also started then for her! I would try cutting one of the foods out and see if that helps.

  • I would suggest knock back the types of foods you are giving bubs and maybe just stick with some pureed potato and apples or pears and see how you little one goes. I know that quite often banana can too much for a baby so young to tolerate and also can constipate them which could certainly upset them during sleep. good luck

  • Yah 4 month sleep regression. It lasted for ages with my boy and even now sometimes he wakes from his nap screaming. Your boy is also probably going through a milestone so lots going on with the brain. Good luck! It might feel like it’s lasting a lifetime but it does pass.

  • He may just want reassurance that you’re there.
    There sounds like there are no signs of constipation or you would have mentioned that.

    He may also be teething… Have you got an amber necklace??
    Frozen watermelon in one of those mesh feeders are amazing for them to suck and chew on, it helped my daughter a lot.. even just a clean wet face washer wet and put in the freezer and then given to him to suck on might help <3

  • I am not sure it is a coincidence that this started with the food, maybe his tummy wasn’t ready for it and he is getting some discomfort or even reflux. Maybe seek the advice of your MCHN.

  • Could have gas pains? Is he pulling his legs up at all when he’s crying?

  • Is it a coincidence that he started to cry after starting him on food? I would suggest to stop the food for a while and just keep up the milk and see how he goes. Also a talk to the GP or clinic nurse would help. All the best to you both.

  • I’d cut back on the food and see if its that causing it. If not then it could possibly be teething. Have a feel of his gums and see if you can feel any teeth coming through..

  • see what the gp thinks

  • Sometimes they let a little cry out during the night for no reason at all, I have often woken to a cry and gone and checked and they were sleeping. He could be getting a little pain in the tummy

  • didnt start mine till 6 months so not sure have you asked the MCHN

  • I didn’t start food until my kids were at least 6 months because their little tummys are ready to digest normal food even if its puree.
    I know many will disagree with me and say but my child needed food and was ok, but you also have to remember no to babies are the same.
    Maybe just stop with the food for a week or so and see if that stop the crying.
    Good luck

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