So I have Mr3 who has been attending daycare for over a year now, however have been getting constant issues so I’m after some advice as to what I should do….
Apologies as this may be quite long.

There has been no written observations/portfolio given, at the end of last year all we received was a manilla folder with 5 pieces of artwork, I was expecting photos, observation notes, program details, as well more artwork and some kind of assessment of learning and development! When I took this up with the director she basically handed me a new info sheet saying everything is online now. This online ‘portfolio’ is a basic paragraph of what they did during the week with 1 or 2 photos. Its not individualised at all.

Anyway, recently there have been many staff changes incl the ECT teacher who left suddenly. They took 6 weeks to employ a new teacher so during that time, there was no replacement ECT and nothing was documented..I had no idea what my DS was doing there. This new ECT is studying for her ECT degree whilst working full time, is this even allowed???? She doesn’t have her degree yet! (I had to ring up head office to get this information btw as we weren’t informed of when she started)

My DS is currently being transitioned to the preschool room, which again I wasn’t aware of! I decided to come along and watch him, but the staff were very unapproachable and didn’t introduce themselves or even talk to me. I basically went into the room, and sat reading books with my DS by ourselves. Then that same day, when I picked him up the new ECT tried to argue with me saying he didn’t go to the preschool room, meaning she didn’t know where he was that whole morning.

All other daycares have a 6 months plus waiting list….I I don’t know what to do??



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  • That sounds terrible, if there is a waiting list for other places definitely move when you can. In the meantime I would request a meeting with the manager and discuss with them. We had to do that when Mr 4 was having issues with his teachers who were not being friendly (awful) so one of them got sacked and the other had to officially apologise. Thank goodness he is in school now.

  • I too wasn’t very happy with my daughters Childcare, I found them unprofessional in many areas of their care and failing to encourage the development my child.
    After 1,5 observing this and another incident I decided to pull my child out immediately, while I hadn’t arranged a new childcare placement yet. My child was for 1,5 years on a waiting list at another centre and still not in. I started phoning child care centres, but no place to be found. Then I just popped in here and there and said I need an urgent placement for this beautiful child and found a placement within a week in a child care centre far better then her previous one ! I’m so happy I just pulled her out and went with my gut.

  • You might have to lower your expectations for a few months until a place becomes available somewhere else

  • I hope you were able to resolve the issues with daycare.

  • Wow, your daycare expectations are full on. When my kids went, all they bought home was the artwork they did each day. They didn’t get portfolios, photos, progress reports etc til kindy

  • Oh no, that sounds so bad, such a worth to leave your child there. All you can really do is put your name down elsewhere and wait for a placement

  • This is appalling! My daughter has been in a non for profit child care centre since January (six months), I have multiple pieces of artwork. They have a book they complete daily saying what she ate, how long she slept and how activities she did. There’s photos in the book too. Then they have a newsletter and regular discussions about her progress, what she is/isnt/should be doing. They also gave me information on milestones (emotional etc). Sadly some centres are just a business. Staff turn over is a sign there’s a problem and I believe the minimum requirements for staff is to be working towards their qualification – which I don’t agree with – how long can they ‘work towards’ their qualification, what’s the minimum participation ie one subject a year? And how is this even monitored. I hooe you got this sorted out, I’d be complaining and looking elsewhere even family daycare while, you wait on the list at other places and hound them on the phone

  • Good daycare centres have staff longevity and are excellent at communication. If you approach the other day centres, sometimes a spot opens up mysteriously. I have heard of this happening. Pull your child out. You are not happy. It would be awful if something went seriously wrong.

  • it is a requirement under the childcare standards to provide feedback, complete reports and conduct certain activities to develop skills – it sounds as though the childcare centre is not doing there job and you are able to report them to child and family services. I would go on the waiting list for other centres and pray something comes up soon. Otherwise look at family daycare – I know they are a lot smaller but some of the carers are fantastic and give the children lots of attention and work well with them.

  • I’d get yourself on those local waiting lists! Yuor gut feel is usually right. Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt your son is recieving positive and safe care, but the standards in this country are so high for carers now that the things you describe are pretty strange. Persist in asking questions, and express your concerns to the centre director. Sometimes these things just get lost in change.

  • id put him on the waiting list for your next choice, if u arnt happy with the care u pay for id be movin ur child, a mothers instinct is always right

  • So I’m told – the ECT Teacher can work and study towards her degree if she meets certain criteria, depends on whether she is deemed to be actively working towards her diploma / certificate or taken to hold it – this would have been sorted out with the Director.

    If you have any concerns speak to the Director again and if you still don’t feel like your getting anywhere or your concerns are not addressed then you need to contact the Authority that regulates Daycares in your state, here is the web address for contact info: http://acecqa.gov.au/regulatory-authorities1/contact-your-regulatory-authority

    Hope you find some answers.

  • Where do you live? You need to do your homework. I took my daughter out of a city daycare in Sydney as she was just a number there, and I had a lot of similar experiences, she is now in this amazing preschool program out near where we live, that even take her to the local school on excursions to help her assimilate to big school. If they are transitioning your child in anyway they Have to ask you and contacts you for permission.. This doesn’t sound like a good centre at all.

  • I am not 100% but I don’t think all of the things you have mentioned are required. For example there are transitional arrangements for small centres that mean that ECTs can be someone working towards their degree if certain criteria are met. Plus an ECT doesn’t have to work directly with the children to be counted towards the required number of ECTs. Having said that I appreciate your concerns and would raise them with the centre director. Perhaps ask to see the portfolio on a regular basis to see if content has improved and if it doesn’t and other changes are not implemented to satisfy you (or indeed requirements that have not been met) withdraw your child. You could place him on a waiting list at another centre whilst this happens so he has somewhere to go if things don’t improve. Good luck

  • I think you need to go back and see the director and tell her that your really not happy and if things dont start to change then your left with no choice but to contact the educational board that should get them off their arses so to speak.
    I would also put your sons name down at another child care centre or even go in and explain as to why you need a place urgently you never know they may just say ok we will put him to the top of the list.
    Good luck hope you get something sorted out.

  • If you are unhappy then I would take him out regardless. most preschools have parent days when they talk to you about progress and how your child is going

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