I have just started giving my 11 yr old tea in the mornings with his breakfast as something warm to drink in winter. My husband thinks I shouldn’t be doing it. Do any other MoMs allow their children to have tea or coffee & when do you think its an appropriate age to do so?

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  • Sometimes my daughter will have a small cup of fruity herbal tea or the occasional sip of black tea. You could try hot milk or a milo instead

  • my partner started giving our some tea (very weak no sugar) at 2 and he loved it. he is now 4 and has it regualry with mum. tea does have caffeine but the variety we use is very small and it has never concerned me

  • Nope, my kids had Milo, hot chocolate or NesQuik for a hot drink. They didn’t touch tea or coffee til they left home and were nearly adults

  • I big on herbal tea myself and if my kids want to try, they’re welcome. Herbal tea without caffeine is harmless. As a child I drank tea with milk, which is totally normal in our country, it wasn’t decaf tea and it didn’t have a harmful effect on me.
    My daughter is 13yr and likes to try a sip of my coffee every now and then (I drink decaf), but so far she doesn’t like it much.
    When you give your children coffee or tea with caffeine, make sure you don’t give it to them too late in the day and not too often, keep it as a special thing.

  • My daughter is a teen and she has had the occasional sip of tea or coffee from my cup. For a hot drink she chooses to have a hot chocolate.

  • I just never have, but then again I don’t drink coffee and rarely have tea. Hot chocolate is requested in our house.

  • I have a two year old and five year old who I don’t even allow to dunk a biscuit in my coffee. Caffeine isn’t too great for us, I feel that there are better alternatives. In saying that, there’s drinks that are worse. Maybe just give it to him as a treat not a daily drink? All the best mumma

  • No. Regular tea is not suitable for children. Herbal tea might be acceptable – such as calming camomile, peppermint for digestion, ginger for colds, or one of the many caffine free herbals teas that have various combinations designed to refresh but without the caffine.

  • Caffeine found in coffee and coke soft drinks is a stimulate and shouldn’t really been given to children I think till at least 16 years old. In fact I remembered one time for so many months my brother kept complaining that every night his son was hiped and never sleeps till really late and still running around in the evenings. I asked what he has for dinner every night and he said he has a good meal followed by a glass of coke. I said stop the coke as it is no good for him , once he did , it was magic and couldn’t thank me enough . It is better to give him a glass of warm milk instead .

  • My children have been drinking tea since starting on cows milk at approx 12 months old… They love it!!

  • I guess it depends how strong or weak? Is it herbal tea or caffeine free tea? and depends on if you mix it with milk?

  • Tea and coffee contain caffeine, SO not good for children! If you’re looking for a warming drink, why not hot chocolate

  • How about Milo … its warm and satisfying

  • coffee- no way, but I know a few mums who give their kids weak tea. Maybe if you were wanting to give a hot drink, try a decaffeinated tea or rooibos tea (not sure if its ok for kids but you could find out). Even something like caro might be ok too.
    With my kids, I simply warm up their milk if they want a hot drink. They are happy with that.

  • I give mine weak tea if they ask for it. :)

  • No no hell no. The caffine content in both can stunt physical and mental growth and also his body will not be able to provide its own energy to keep him awake and alert and attentive after a while. Its actually pretty bad even for adults but at least adults wont be stunted. Give him hot milo as a warm treat instead its much healthier

  • Caffeine is not good to give to kids- it will give them alot of energy! But is not good on their teeth or their bodies.

    I personally think 11 Years old is too young.
    Maybe when he is attending high school it would be ok

    Maybe you could try a milo for him or hot chocolate if its to warm him up

  • I don’t drink caffeine in any way and I’m not going to give it to my daughter.

  • Personally I loved staying with my grandma who would make me a lovely weak milky tea when I was a kid. My daughter asks for a black one like me, but I rarely let her due to the diuretic effects on her kidneys. Usually only once or twice a week in winter, but not at all in summer.

  • it is really up to the parent. a grandma has been trying to give my kids(6mths, 2, 6) tea and i don’t think it’s appropriate but she brushed it off and continued. i have since put her in her place that these are my children, my say. my child hurt himself and she literally pushed me out of the way to pick him up and i just had to vent! but it’s all good now & she knows that i have boundaries

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