Has anyone experienced their children telling lies at age 7? How do you teach them to be honest?

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  • Lying is developmentally normal for children of all ages, even when a child lies frequently. Lying allows children to test the boundaries between fantasy and reality, to protect themselves from the consequences of their actions, and to better understand how other people think.
    I prefer to use the term “making up stories” instead of “lying”
    Here are some tips:
    Have conversations about lying and telling the truth with your children. …
    Help your child avoid situations where they feel the need to lie. …
    Praise your child for owning up to doing something wrong. …
    Be a role model for telling the truth. …
    Use a joke to encourage your child to own up to a lie.
    Look also to your response on a lie and your response if your child does something wrong; sometimes we accidentally reinforce lies by our strong reactions

  • Yes, my sons are 8 and 6. they have become very secretive. doing things they know is wrong, and trying to get away with it. My 8 year old, has a processing disorder, and i think when he lies, he is just not processing my questions and the info he replies with. My 6 year old however flat out lies! My daughter is two and I am sure she will be the worst!!!!!

  • yep, and sadly my son has aspergers syndrome, and truly believes what he is telling me is the truth. I don’t sugarcoat it though, I call him on his bullshit…. If I don’t call him up on his ‘stories’ who will?

  • Lie to them, see how they like being lies to sometimes they just need brutal honesty.

  • Oh I really hope it’s something she will grow out of. I speak to her regularly about the consequences of lying and like yourself how people will not want to play with her. I said you wouldn’t like it if I promised you something and then didn’t go through with it and she should not tell lies. Even though if she does do something wrong she most likely will get in trouble but will get in it more trouble if she lies about it. Thanks ;)

  • my son went through this stage and it was very frustrating – he would tell me and his friends all these tall tales and whenever he did something wrong he would try to cover it up. I made sure I spoke to him regularly about lying wasn’t ok and I made him feel assured that even if he did do something wrong that he probably would get in trouble but it didn’t mean we loved him any less and people would like him better if he was honest. I told him his friends wouldn’t want to play with him if he didn’t tell the truth and talked about how he felt when he was lied to. I did this with him for 2 years and although he does still tell a fib every now and again it is not so bad now.

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