Hi fellow mums, I have a problem with cutting back on sweet foods. I have a terrible sweet tooth, and eat way too much chocolate and other sugar-filled treats. When I’m tired and stressed I tend to be even worse, as I use it as comfort food. I know it’s not healthy, and I also don’t want to set a bad example for my kids. I eat a healthy diet apart from this, but I can’t seem to shake my sugar habit!  How can I cut back? I’ve never had problems with addiction to anything else – after being a frequent coffee drinker I gave up without difficulty, and I had no problem stopping all alcohol consumption when I was pregnant. Sugar is my weakness though!  I’m not interested in those extreme, cut-out-all-sugar diets. I just want to cut the excess, and ensure my diet is more balanced!

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  • Foods that can fight sugar cravings are;
    dark chocolate
    healthy snack bars (oats & sweetened with dried fruits)
    chia seeds
    sugar free gum/mints
    sweet potatoes
    trail mix
    fermented foods
    whole grains

  • Sugar consumption can create a short-term high and a spark of energy in the body. Some studies have suggested that sugar is as addictive as Cocaine. People often enjoy the dopamine release that sugar brings.
    Eating sugar releases opioids and dopamine in our bodies. This is the link between added sugar and addictive behavior. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is a key part of the “reward circuit” associated with addictive behavior.
    In fact, both the gene expression and availability of dopamine receptors can be altered in certain areas of the brain from consuming too much sugar over a long period of time. The effect sugar has on dopamine and dopamine receptors makes it addictive and is why it is often so difficult to eliminate sugar from the diet.
    One study found that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs like varenicline, a prescription medication trading as Champix which treats nicotine addiction, can work the same way when it comes to sugar cravings.

  • just substitute ‘bad’ sugars for ‘good’ sugars to still get your fix in a bit better way. try fruits,homemade rollups. dark chocolate instead of milk ect

  • Yep I think sugar is addictive and when you’re in a low mood It makes it more conforting . Have you tried substituting for low sugar or sweeteners . So instead of sugar in coffee , use Equal instead. Instead of full cream milk , use skim . Lollies are hard unless you decide not to buy any at all . I like a mints and low sugar ones they are just as nice , but has no refined sugar.

  • I too am addicted. I like DEB_GS ‘s suggestion!

  • I gave up chocolate once for 6 months to see if I could. I used imagery. I thought of a taste and texture that I deplore then imagined eating the chocolate. I associated these two images in my head. After 3 tries, it worked. Chocolate and liver – not a good match.

  • Hope you have had success in cutting down on sugar.

  • Maybe try swapping foods; it seems to work.

  • good information to keep in mind.

  • It’s hard. Drink more water to wash it down then.

  • i did a diet which cut my sugar down a lot didnt think i had a suger problem either but this time of year just try to limit your sugar or if you have a smart phone there is an app you can use.

    Daily Diary tink its called where you put all your meals in and it lets you know how much sugar you have had.

    i was shocked to learn a 600ml drink has between 18-25 of sugar

  • If you cook cakes, biscuits, desserts etc. cut back the amount of sugar you use. You probably won’t notice it. My Dad didn’t when my Mum cut back the sugar in cake otherwise he definitely would have complained.

  • The best advice I could give would be to try and be open with yourself about any of your emotional issues that may help contribute to you turning to sugar. Identify the issues and resolve as best you can, then after you have done so cutting out sugar will be so much easier, do this by cutting back slowly by substituting with a healthier snack. All the best ;)

  • Summer time is great for fruit. I try chopping up rockmelon, strawberries, watermelon in little containers for a handy sweet treat. It is healthy, natural and very delicious!

  • These are all such great tips – thanks so much! Good to know I’m not alone and that there are lots of things to try that might help. And a lot of interesting facts I hadn’t heard before. Thank you all!

  • I read a while ago on Pinterest that if you are craving chocolate you should eat magnesium rich food like nuts and seeds. Recently I started taking magnesium tablets (for other reasons) and really have found that my chocolate cravings have lessened and can have it in the house now without needing to eat it! Previously if I craved something sweet like chocolate or lollies I found dried fruits or sweet fruit helped.

    The chart in the photo is the one I saw on Pinterest.

  • slowly do it cut down soft drnks 1st and when shopping in stead of chocolate buy fruit which is full of natural sugars,
    then when cooking try using honey more then sugar as its more natural
    i did an isajenix diet and with 2 weeks cut all/ most sugars out and couldnt believe the amount i was having lost 4 kgs to date to.

  • I hear you, i have the same problem i don’t really have a fix it cure or anything for you but i know that when i am craving sweets apart from sugar the only thing that helps me is apricots, fresh or dried. i am not the best example i still eat way too much sugar but since having children i have switched from white sugar to raw sugar, and try not to have sweet things in your pantry or fridge, i buy myself a chocolate or lolly when i am on the run like stopping at a fuel station and eat it or save it till later but don’t have any sitting in my cupboard. never buy sweets while doing grocery shopping. plus it costs more at a servo or takeaway shop so you will likely buy less anyway. good luck over the Christmas period, im with ya.

  • Include a lot of variety food, try to have something different everyday, including healthy snacks. Work on a 4 weekly rotation of meals and snacks.. variety helped me cut down my cravings. I didn’t feel I was missing out because I had so much variety.

  • I was having two heaped spoons of sugar in my coffee a day, chocolate through out the day, I am now only having a teaspoon of natvia (natural sugar) in my coffee and no chocolate in the fridge. I was baking and eating the icing, now no baking. If you just slowly wean yourself off and not think too much you can do it. Even cutting out white/raw sugar and going for the natural stuff it takes adjusting but if I can do it anyone can…good luck..

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