My kids are rolling around and bumping the wall all night. Do your kids sleep silently?

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  • Have you tried those pool noodles under the bottom sheet? This might stop them from hitting the wall, but will also prevent them from falling out of bed. I have a hole in the wall in one bedroom from my daughter rolling over and bashing it with her knee

  • My daughter makes heaps of noise and rolls around

  • Sometimes they sleep very still, sometimes not. It seems they get more still as they get older.

  • One of my boys doesn’t move an inch, the other oh my he ends up sideways, sometimes with he’s feet on his pillow & other times he ends up out of the actual bed!
    We’ve had to resort to a safety rail along his bed for his own safety but that hasn’t stopped damages to the walls. We’re still trying to find a solution, we’ve tried the pool noodle, he goes straight over it. We’ve tried pillows lining the wall, they ended up on the floor.

  • One of my sons sleeps soundly and doesn’t move but th other is a bit of a fidgeter.

  • I have had holes in the plaster in my walls from my kids rolling around at night :0 You could try those swimming noodles under the sheets at the side of the bed. Meant to be good to stop kids from rolling out of bed, might help with restless sleepers too

  • Our toddler bunks with us and he turns around and head at the end of the bed, knocks his head and all sorts of things, just like our bubba in the city ends up evey which way.

  • No my 2 year old is nuts, he ends up facing the other way legs everywhere smacking anything he can with his head!

  • I wish I have 3 and they are all wriggly sleepers

  • i love all your comments! thanks for sharing

  • Like us kids can get restless, sometimes my kids are upside down in there bed but still wake up at the crack of dawn :)

  • LOL!! My son does complete 360 degree turns in his sleep, I know because he often ends up in bed with us…and I end up with his feet in my face!!

  • My 6 year old rolls around some nights and has fallen out of bed a couple of times. Every so often I hear him roll into the wall and I know that sometimes he ends up lying crossways over the bed.

  • My boys rolL all over the place one worse than anotHer one falls out of bed a lot the other moves around a lot but stays in the bed

  • Sometimes they roll around I think it when they dream

  • My son is jus starting to muck around at be time. My daughter goes to sleep right away out snors. Sometimes lol

  • My daughter is 2 yo. She used to sleep on her own, I’d just need to put her in bed with her comfy. Now she only sleeps in out bed with me pretending to be asleep next to her. The comfy is essential.

  • My 3yo toss and turns a bit and wakes up during the night yelling out because he wants cuddles!

  • My kids have always been like this too – ever since they were quite little they would be up one end of the bed or cot one minute, and the next time I checked on them they would be down the other end. They used to fall out of bed occasionally (but often wouldn’t even wake up!) Now the only issue is that they kick the blankets off and get cold sometimes. I’m not sure that anything can really be done to keep them still!

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