Our grandson had a tough entry to this world, he lived on drugs inside his Mum. We are finding he’s wired different and are not sure if the drugs affected him or he’s got a problem medically. He won’t sit still, not even at kindy. He’s the child who pushes boundaries a lot, even kindy has trouble with him. We say ‘no don’t do that it’s not safe’, but he will do it anyway. Send him to his room for misbehaving, he throws his toys & trashes his room. He’s smart but cannot concentrate for more than few minutes! Really don’t know what to do next, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  • Wow, well done for taking on your grandson, especially when he’s such a handful. It’s possible the drugs have affected his development in some way. Visit to the GP could be valuable

  • no, im in the same boat. maybe try CHN or psych rv?

  • yeah you should take him to a doctor with a letter from his teacher detailing the behaviour. he might need some help.

  • sounds like my 3 yr old. no drugs though. boys are hard work. theres so many resources out there. im looking into 1,2,3 magic. keep him busy! teach him resposibilities, rewards?

  • Maybe have him checked out drugs in pregnancy can cause a lot of medical problems ask your gp for a referral

  • My nephew was like this. His parents recently put him on a no additives diet. I.e bakers delight bread and homemade cordial and fresh fruit and vegetables etc and he is a completely new child. I was amazed at how quickly his behaviour changed! The dietitian who suggested it said “do you function well on alcohol? Then why would you expect your child to cope on someone chemicals! ” also they suggest an easy option of shopping at Aldi because they have stricter rules on additives in their products!

  • Heart breaking to read stuff like this I wish you all the best

  • I can’t imagine the turmoil you are experiencing but there is a boy at my sons school who has a condition where he will do whatever you have told them not to do etc. it’s not Attention Deficit disorder it’s ODD Oppostional Defiant Disorder. Possibly take him to see a Paedeatrician I’m not sure if there is a treatment but they may be able to suggest things to help.

  • Such a hard situation to be in. I agree with the other mums about getting a medical opinion first. I also agree with the use of essential oils and changing his diet. Does he eat many preservatives and additives? These can totally change a child’s behaviour. Sue Dengate is a lady to look up in regards to this. Some mums have seen amazing changes in their kids from removing these from their diets.

  • You need to be firm but fair and reach out to him, find a pediatrician that is kind and knowledgeable and willing to assist you all.

  • I think if it were me i would be going to see your doctor and explaining tp them what is going on and im sure they can help you by sending you to see the right people who can help you and your grandson.
    Good luck xx

  • I suggest taking him off gluten it makes the brain inflamed and can react in children who have issues. It will take about 8 weeks to detox but you will notice a difference , no sugar also and preservatives . Remove all the toys out of his room not to be mean but to keep him safe . Good luck . He’s lucky to have you there to love him

  • I would say create a naughty chair/time out chair, and do the time out thing with him , I would also try and get him on some natural oil blends to help his temper and help him relax so he can listen to you properly,drugs can do a lot of damage to babies ,you can buy these at health stores from naturopaths or on line like here ,have you talked to a medical professional as well ,good luck http://www.naughtynaturopathmum.com.au/category/bush-flower-essences-2/

  • Talk to him and keep talking, asks why he is feeling he wants to be naughty.nuncinditional love but get honest answers.

  • Im so sorry to hear this,
    Drugs effect babies in the womb unfortunately
    the significance of the effect varies
    I would take him to a health professional, explain the circumstances and the situation
    get a few different opinions and go from there
    I wish you all the best

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