My 7 year old wets the bed 2-3times every night. She has seen a doctor and everything is fine medically. It has been suggested we try an alarm. Has anyone tried this and does it work?

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  • I would contact a continence nurse. Just google “continence nurse near me”

  • My brother was a bed wetter and tried all sorts of things. Nothing worked until he got the alarm. It worked on the very first night and he used it for about two weeks. He never wet the bed again so it’s certainly worth a try.

  • No experience but I would grab a second opinion just to be sure! Then I guess waking her to go to the toilet… She is obviously a very deep sleeper! Maybe reduce the amount of liquid before bedtime too?

  • My 7 year old daughter wets the bed too. We took her to a ‘bed wetting specialist” (basically like an incontinence nurse). She went through a questionnaire to rule out things like constipation and determine the potential for her to be dry. Our daughter is a really deep sleeper so she doesn’t wake when she needs to wet. This made her a candidate for an alarm. We have had it for almost 3 months now. She is dry most nights now but she still doesn’t wake if she needs to wee. She is such a deep sleeper than even the alarm doesn’t fully wake her

  • I have heard good and bad about the alarm. I hope you find some answers

  • I had an alarm and just made her sleep more deeply. She would sleep through the alarm! You could try it, but it maybe something that she has to grow out of. Have you tracked her moods? When my kids were tired or upset they seemed to wet the bed more, maybe something else is wrong and this is just a sign that something is emotionally wrong with her!

  • my daughter is having the same issue

  • did you have any change with this?

  • Some helpful information off other mums here

  • A friend of mine used the alarm and said it worked perfectly and her daughter now has a dry bed

  • I hope your little one gets past this soon

  • I think the alarms work, only when they are actually weeing. limit her fluid intake a couple of hours before bedtime and make sure she goes prior to going to bed

  • I had great success with my daughter around the same age with an alarm that clipped onto her pjs – bought it off ebay, they r battery operated and let off an alarm when they get the tiniest bit wet so the child gets up and goes to the toilet :)

  • I am a Nan now but yes I used the alarm on my daughter and yes it works. It was explained to me by the Dr that the nerves that wake the child up when they need to go is immature and the alarm educates it by waking them at the precise moment the first drop of urine touches the bedding . My daughter in the day when was toilet trained had little to no capacity to hold her urine even for the shortest time when she needed to go. This also improved after the alarm was used and the night wetting stopped. She was 5. I wish the alarm was around when I was young as I also was a bed wetter and I went away to boarding high school at 11 still wetting the bed. That was not the best time in my life I can assure you. It is worth a try. It is hard the first few nights as the child is to change the sheets and themselves but it is surely worth a try for their own confidence and hopefully it is only for a few nights anyway.

  • We’ve been told the same thing about mister 9, good luck I hope it helps us both

  • best to have patients and take him toilet overnight time might help to get him aware

  • My son who is nine still wets his bed from time to time my friend said they went to a bed clinic where they were givem an alarm to wake the child up and they had to continually do this until hos body read the signs themselfs it took them about six weeks I was going to try on my son but I think itay have been his room was too cold as he has been in my room its very warm all week and not one wet bed

  • usually it is due to them being in such a deep sleep that the brain does not get the message that they need to go to the toilet. I would just put up with it as she will grow out of it in time

  • i hope it gets better :( sorry you are so frustrated…

  • You have some great advise here that I think will help.

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