Recently a mum at school had to do CPR on a little girl who was over for a play – scary! I learnt some CPR at school but that was a while ago. Have other mums done an actual CPR course? Is it worth the money/time and did you learn anything new? Thanks for your advice mums.

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  • I did cpr and first aid for the first time when my kid was 6 (due to studying and being work related). I am amazed at how many people still don’t know how, even when they go in for the yearly refresher course.
    I recommend that it should be taught from a young age as repetition helps to learn. It was taught at my son’s school from year 5. Hopefully I never have to actually perform cpr, but I know what to do. If you perform cpr be prepared that you need to push down hard to reach the heart and very likely the ribs will actually break whilst doing this. Having access to a defib can increase chances of survival, but only if the heart still has activity.

  • It’s an important skill/knowledge to have.

  • Absolutely ! Regularly repeating is good to keep up the skill.

  • 100% keep up the skill because it’s a life saving skill you’ll never know when you’ll need to use

  • Do you really need to ask?! Considering all the accidents kids have, and could have, it would be a huge bonus to have cpr training.

  • I did a full first aid course when I was pregnant with my second bub and while I think that training would kick in nicely should there be an emergency not involving my kids. I say that because when my daughter was choking I was a useless mess and had to rely on others for assistance. I think sometimes if it’s your own family your fear gets in the way of practicality but I’m confident that I’d be useful in the event of a stranger needing help, if that makes sense.

  • Always good to refresh your knowledge. Of course we all hope we never have to use it, but you never know we might need it one day !

  • The course would be handy to know just in case to save a life!

  • As per of my employment I have to take first aid. Over the past 10 years things have changed and I would suggest and recommend to ang parent to do this course at least every 2 years!! Things change and in grave situations the earlier the actions the better! You also learn how to dress wounds, about asthma, electricity etc etc… Well worth the money!!

  • Yes, it is definitely a valuable skill to have, and you never know when you may need it. Better to Know how to save your childs life if such an incident ever occurred.

  • I definitely need to look into doing this, you never know when your knowledge of things like that will come in handy & that’s a scary thought.

  • It is very good to do a CPR course when you have kids. You never know when you’ll need it

  • I think all first aid courses are worth doing as if anything bad were to happen at lest you would be prepared.

  • Yes yes yes its important and well worth it. One of my friends drowned as a child and only survived because one of the dads did cpr. Everyone should have to do this course

  • Definitely worth doing, especially once you’ve had kids. I have had to do first aid and CPR for the last 15 years for work, and I would still stay current if it wasn’t required of me. You never know when it might make the difference between someone surviving or not.

  • It most definitely is worth doing a cpr course i still think every parent should be offered a course after they have a baby.
    You never know when your skills might come in use and you could very well save a childs life.

  • Without a doubt it is most definitely worthwhile to do a CPR/First Aid Course. You never know when someone may need your assistance. Last year my fiance needed CPR after he suddenly stopped breathing at home and between my fiances mate and I we were able to get him breathing again before the ambulance arrived. Sure there is a cost but it pales in comparison to knowing what to do if someone needs you to save their life.

  • Its something that is always good to have as you just never know when its needed.

  • This is such a responsible idea! Always better to be over prepared :)

  • A CPR course gives you peace of mind. It keeps you up-to-date with the latest medical findings and you feel more confident to tackle emergency situations. I have completed a course within the last year and I also have a range on medical books on hand to refer to.

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