I’ve decided I’m going to start really looking after my teeth and am wondering if there are any sneaky, non-obvious food and drinks I should definitely avoid?

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  • If unsure you could always brush your teeth throughout the day after you’ve eaten or drunk something.

  • I started looking after my teeth a couple of years ago too. I went to the dentist and he identified all my issues. I slowly fixed them all. Now I have regular 6 monthly dentist appointments to keep on top of things. It’s so expensive to visit the dentist

  • Avoid coke, cola, coffee & alcohol!
    Book an appointment with your dentist because sometimes you can’t see just how bad the damage is.

  • I was told that if you drink juices or milk to always follow with a mouthful of water as this can reduce the sugar/acid effects on your teeth.

  • yeah it is great to teach your kids to do it right

  • Thanks for posting this question. I know I need to floss more so this is a great reminder.

  • these are all great tips to consider

  • Juice! Avoid it! Drink water

  • Flossing regularly, and brushing twice a day with a high fluoride toothpaste. After brushing etc use a fluoride mouth wash and rinse your mouth out.

    Cut out anything that is higher than 9mg of sugar and reduce the amount of fizzy drinks you have. I have just recently had 12 teeth pulled due to issues and this is the advice that my dentist told me :)

    Also its recommended that you use a electric toothbrush as they are made to get around the whole tooth and remove the plaque build up on your teeth

    Chew a piece of sugar free chewing gum after each meal- this helps produce more saliva and warns off plaque issues.

    Hope this helps. All the best!

  • My dentist told me to stay away from sugar drink & junk food and that it, then she recommended Tooth Mousse & flossing regularly.

  • if you can – try & skip the coffee & red wine , these stain your teeth horribly ! if you can – invest in an electric toothbrush ! I have the Phillip Sonic Care & it has made a huge improvement as far as whitening my teeth & general dental hygiene !

  • Great question, i look forward to going through all the replys

  • You need to be careful with fruit juice – remarkably high in sugar.

  • Have you heard of coconut pullin , if you haven’t bit where you take a spoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 10-20 mins then spit it out meant to be really good for your teeth and mouth as it kills bacteria only recently read about it

  • everything in moderation is fine and if you have water handy every meal and all day round to sip on it will wash away some of the sugars and nasties until you brush. you could also start chewing gum aswell

  • Fruit juice and other high sugar products.

  • try googling home teeth whitening, there was something floating around the web recently about using the inside of banana skin as a tooth whitening agent if I find it again i will post the link here if it will work. I guess the most obvious one is start with a trip to your dentist and ask them for their professional opinions on things you have seen or heard and then go from there :)

  • Definitely avoid sugar! Coffee! Always use dental floss.

  • soft drinks such as Coca Cola contain a food acid that wears down the enamel on the teeth. Fruit also contains food acid. Our dentist recommended that we follow these things with a piece of cheese or a glass of milk to buffer the natural levels in the mouth and avoid early enamel wear.

  • Dentist suggested dental floss after eating & cut down on sugar .

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