Hi mums. I’m 2.5 months pregnant and I’m experiencing the worst morning sickness…that’s lasting all day! My doctor said everything is going well and is very normal but I wanted to know how other mums overcame their morning sickness. A couple of people suggested I eat muffins, but I haven’t had any success. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.

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  • Travel sickness bands on your wrists or eating dry biscuits

  • I found I was better having had lucizade . Perhaps the electrilites

  • Dry crackers got me though

  • Dry water crackers, plain bread / toast (no spread), ginger tea, peppermint tea might be useful. It differs from one pregnancy to the next though, with my younger one I couldn’t stand any tea.

  • In all 3 of my pregnancies i had 40 weeks straight of morning sickness. I don’tthink there Iis anyone cure. With each pregnancy it was something different. My first was pickles and coffee buns but only worked sometimes. With the 2nd it was lemon wedges, sipping icy lemon water and salty crackers. With the third it was Vegemite toast and dry crackers. Other things to try to is to have some dry crackers before you even get out of bed and don’t touch cold floors with bare feet. It’s all a trial and error process. I hope this helps and your morning sickness doesn’t last long

  • Things that helped me: Dry salty crakers, vegemite on toast, cheese Twisties and bananas. My morning sickness went away overnight bang on week 13.

  • Sniffing lemon extract and rosemary, nibble on stomach-friendly foods such as liquids, smoothies, yogurts, and low-fat, high-carb foods and delegate “Mum” tasks to other!

  • you can use ginger, it is used for nausea, morning sickness and travel sickness

  • i found if i sleeped until lunch i would not get it however that was when i only had one child and i had the option to on weekends lol good luck morning sickness is not fun :( x

  • It’s probably been write here already but dry biscuits, ginger in any form. I’ll be honest I was pretty sick my whole pregnancy and no one thing worked. I had to keep changing and trying different things. I defo think not having an empty stomach helps heaps also !!

  • I had hideous morning sickness, that lasted until 4 months, which probably won’t make you feel any better. But everyone is different, and you could well find that your nausea disappears as quickly as it started. I certainly hope so, for your sake. I found that eating dry Cruskits or Salada crackers for “breakfast” was about all my stomach could cope with. Drinking lemonade and ginger beer also helped me. Good luck!

  • Try and eat a light food ,banana or dry biscuits as soon as ur up &moving

  • sipping peppermint tea or eating dry crackers is what helped mine…good luck hope its over the morning sickness soon.

  • Sadly not a lot. With my first it was bad but i found if i ate little amounts frequently i was ok. With my 2nd i had Hyperemesis gravidarum and was in and out of hospital as i couldn’t even keep water down but i had a healthy baby girl 7lbs 6oz 4 mths ago. Congratulations and hopefully it doesn’t last too much longer (on average it usually calms around 13 weeks) i also get it at the end too.

  • Snack pack apricots or peaches in syrup or natural juice.

  • A few years ago – I suffered from what was considered to be Hyperemesis gravidarum when I was pregnant with twins. Sipping only a few mouthfuls of liquid at a time…… I seem to have survived on swallowing several tablespoons of apricot nectar every couple of hours, and eating hummus -which seemed to at least stick down in my stomach rather than coming up as most food did. Some people advised me to try ginger, but ginger did not work for me; neither did dry biscuits before I got out of bed in the mornings. My weight at 30 weeks was less than it was before I became pregnant. At that stage I started having a glass of Ensure – or one of those protein enriched nutrition drinks – beside me to sip from every hour…… I also found that jelly as dessert was something that would generally stay down…… I was so glad when my twins were born at 36 weeks gestation and I could eat properly again ! That was twenty years ago. I did not want to take medication for the condition – and constantly had doctor and midwives making threats that if things got any worse I would need to be hospitalised to be hydrated by a drip. For most woman morning sickness stops after the first trimester. What I had continued right through my pregnancy……. to the day my twins were born [and they were, unusually for twins even then], born normally – vaginally – rather than by c-section !

  • GINGER!!! Blackmores have a mulit vitamin, And ginger biscuits work well. Avoid anything that makes you feel queasy! Oh lemonade is good too , Good luck I’m in the same boat bub number two and second round of sickness!!

  • With my 2nd child I had all day sickness right up to 2 weeks before birth….. sadly nothing made it go away, and I tried some weird and wonderfuls. The only respite I had was knowing the things that made it worse I was able to limit them…. at one stage I was lucky enough to get 2 weeks holiday at a caravan park…. which was great because ‘wet’ smells were the main offender…. at the park I was able to sit outside most of the time, it was far north queensland so I had minimal clothes so steamy ironing wasn’t done and best of all I showered in a drafty amenities block rather than a steamed up bathroom. Best of luck.

  • This happened to me with my first pregnancy and lasted until 16 weeks. The main thing is to eat small amounts often. going for long periods of time without food decreases your blood glucose levels and can increase your nausea. Have some crackers on hand in your bag, in case you need a quick snack while you’re out. Something dry is best. I have friends who swear by gingernut biscuits. Ginger helps with travel sickness so maybe ther is some truth in it.

    Whatever you have, make sure it is not too greasy or heavy, as this will only make you feel worse. Drink plenty of water, even if it makes you run to the bathroom constantly. And rest when you need it.

    And remember, it won’t last forever.

  • I found that if I didn’t eat before I travelled that helped and then tiny bites of a vegemite sandwich. Once I had about half in me the feeling started to subside.
    I found salted liquorice also helped during the day, just to suck on.
    Something about the salt for me.
    Hope you find your helpful trigger.

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