Im a chronic nail bitter and id like toi know if anything has worked for you to break the habbit.

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  • if you are aware that you are doing it (some people are not) try doing another task…. take out the trash, make yourself a cup of tea, put washing on, have a snack.
    Also try once a fortnight filing your nails, by keeping your nails short you are less inclined to bite them short. Good luck

  • Try teatree oil on nails.

  • I used to do this when I was a kid, even toenails as a previous poster said (glad I wasn’t the only one haha!). I used that nail polish that tastes awful and somehow it worked. I replaced biting with filing my nails. Now I can’t stand it if I break a nail and it’s uneven, or rough. It will consume me and my mind won’t rest until I can fix it. In my case I think it’s an anxiety/OCD thing. Do you bite at any particular time or while feeling something particular, or you do it any time no matter what? If the latter, it’s likely just a habit that once you break you will be fine. Takes some time and work to break a habit but once you do, it can be a thing of the past. Good luck!

  • My teen is a nail biter and seems to do more of this when anxious and/ or stressed. Regular debrief/ talk therapy sssions seem to work for her as do calming techniques and breathing exercises. Manicures & painting nails with a fragrant nail enamel also have helped but are hard to do during the school terms.

  • When I was about eight years old I was told by a friend that there were worms under my nails – that did it. I never bit them again. Associate something awful with your nails and hopefully you’ll think twice about biting them.

  • Under your finger nails are one of the most unhygienic places

  • I was a chronic nail biter as a kid, I even chewed my toenails!! I still have a nibble, but nowhere near as bad. I just made myself more aware and conscious of what I was doing and smacked my hand every time it went near my mouth. I currently have nine finger nails, I keep one thumb nail to chew on, that helps save the other nine nails. I guess you need to try a few things and find what works fir you. The yucky tasting stuff to put on your nails didn’t work for me, nor did nail polish or professional manicures. Fake nails failed too

  • there is some liquid you put on your nails that I was suggested to get by someone – maybe give that a go.

  • The chemist will also have products that help with this too – maybe have a chat with them.

  • I’d go get a manicure. Biting painted nails is not nice. Plus they look amazing when painted.

  • I painted my nails and it helped with stopping nail biting.

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