I need help. How do I stop rice getting stuck at the bottom of the pot? I can’t get all my rice out of the pot- it always sticks to the bottom. Please help?

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  • I gave up using pots for cooking my rice and now use a Rice Cooker so much better and easier

  • Check the packet for absorption method, it’s truly the best way to cook rice. If it’s still burning the bottom after this method (with the lowest heat), might be worth putting it on a smaller burner.
    If it’s still happening, check your pot. Sometimes there are awful toxins being released with the pot/food keeps burning it in so it’s safer to throw it away and get a new one or a rice cooker/multi cooker’s are great too.

  • It might be worth trying a rice cooker.

  • i recommend cooking rice using the ‘absorption’ cooking method (google it) and don’t stir it

  • I find that if I stir the pot occasionally, especially at the bottom, it stops rice from sticking.

  • When something gets stuck on the bottom of the pan I have been using Nappysan lately and it works really well. Just put some spoons of Nappysan in the pan, add boiling water and let it soak for some hours.
    In regards to boiling rice I wash the rice and let it soak for some hours. Drain and wash again before adding plenty of boiling water and bring to rice to a boil. As soon as it boils and turn the gas off and leave it sitting with the lid on, resulting in a beautiful fluffy rice, what never sticks to the pan.

  • I have a rice cooker that does this every time. I thought a rice cooker was supposed to know how to cook rice to perfection!

  • Same! I just take the rice off the top and then soak the pot

  • Oh I had your problem… I gave up and brought a rice cooker… Best $$ spent!!

  • Our family is from Asian culture so it is compulsory we have a rice cooker in the household . It sounds like you may have the stove on too high or there is not enough water . It is generally one part rice to 2 parts water . if you eat rice often I strongly recommend you buy a rice cooker and they even have a small one at Woolies which I bought last year. They are inexpensive and the cooker will automatically switch off once the rice cooks, No need to check anything except when it is done ready to eat . It is a worthwhile investment .

  • I would say you have your temp too high. So try reducing your temp. Try stirring rice occasionally when cooking. And have you tried spraying the bottom of the pot with non stick spray

  • Sounds like you might need to give it regular stirs while its cooking. Or try spraying bottom of pan with cooking oil before starting.

  • I cook my rice using the absorbsion method and it never sticks to the bottom. I rinse the rice first and then for every cup of rice use 2 cups of water. Bring it to the boil stirring occassionaly and then once water is boiling, put the lid on and take it off the heat. Let it sit for about 10-15 mintues and you end up with light fluffy rice that has never stuck to the bottom of my saucepan (i don’t use non-stick ones, just stainless steel)

  • hope you are having a little more success now lol

    or just make cleaning it hubby’s job lol

  • Use a non stick pan and add a little bit extra water, keep the lid on and stir softly a few times to move any from bottom of pan

  • I always soak it with water and dish liquid

  • make sure the you have plenty of water to cook it in and let the uncooked rice soak in a bowl of water for at least 10mins and then rinse it under the tap and that will help take away some stickyness

  • 1 cup of rice to 1 1/2 cup water or stock. Bring to boil covered, once almost all the water has been absorbed, turn off the heat and leave the lid on. Rice will be fluffy and fully cooked after about 10 minutes sitting and will not stick to pot

  • Soak it in hot water for an hour or so and it should be easy to remove.

  • buy a rice cooker, you’ll never have that problem again!

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