I am asking this because so many people seem to be developing thyroid problems these days.

Should we add a little iodized salt to our daily diet?

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  • When choosing which salt to buy in store, I always choose the iodized one.

  • Added salt could cause other problems. Unless your doctor has recommended it, I wouldn’t.

  • i say why not. its no as if iodized salt costs a heap extra and it tastes the same as well.

  • It’s so easy to incorporate when you use iodized salt in your cooking.

  • Coming from a family with thyroid problems, I would say this is a must. I don’t mean eat a lot more salt, just make sure what you buy is iodized.

  • I buy salt with iodine already in it so that we don’t miss out on this ingredient in our diet.

  • We only use it for seasoning and for food that requires it!

  • I have heard we do need iodised salt in our diet fir health purposes. Don’t overdo it thoigh as its still salt and too much isn’t good for us. I use a little in my veggies when I boil them

  • we use iodized salt as our regular salt everyday, I find that its better to be safe than sorry in general, but super important for pregnant women.

  • Thank you so much for all your answers. Funny thing though hubby showed me an article in the Herald Sun yesterday which was on salt. The latest research in the USA NOW SAYS THAT SALT IT NOT BAD FOR YOU AS PREVIOUSLY CLAIMED. It is not responsible for fluid retention etc etc as first thought!

  • I would chat to your GP and see if you really need it

  • I would suggest you seek some support and advice from your GP.

  • Salt can be pretty evil, and it’s already in a lot of things. I wouldn’t do it unless you have specific medical advice – and even then I might ask about an iodine supplement, which I think might be what you’re really worried about.

  • we use iodised table salt in everyday use its mostly important for pregnant women and kids it wont really help adults much but it doesnt hurt and it might help a little also its the same price so why not

  • Very good question. I have had thyroid problems in the past (overactive) and do use iodinised salt. However, I am confused about it and have asked doctors but haven’t had a clear answer as I am severely allergic to iodine in medical tests.

  • I think this article explains quite good the necessity of iodine in our diet

  • We don’t tend to use much salt in our household but when I need to use it for a recipe, or on the rare occasions I add it as a seasoning, I used iodised salt. Iodine is an essential micronutrient in humans so if you feel you aren’t getting enough then switching to iodised salt is a good idea. It might be worth a blood test to check on your levels first though. If they are then a supplement might be the answer. But iodine is also naturally occurring in many foods and, with the exception of bakery bread, all other breads include iodised salt rather than non-iodised.

  • Yes, definitely. A little salt never hurt anyone, it’s when it is used to extremes that it causes problems. The old adage of “everything in moderation” seems to be right in this case.

  • I would check with your doctor as salt is not good for you.

  • It’s actually illegal to sell salt in Australia which isn’t Iodised. Australia doesn’t have Iodine in our soil, so we can’t get it any other way than through salt or orally. I’ve been told by Naturopath that Iodine is actually extremely good for all woman parts, keeping them healthy. I would talk to a Naturopath or Doctor if you are concerned, but, adding salt may not be the real answer. Good Luck. It’s a good question.

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