I am a single mother who is working part-time and wanting to create a more secure future for my 2yr old and I. I know that this will not happen overnight but any suggestions at all on how to save in any or all areas to get ourselves a house in the future would be very much appreciated.

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  • It can be hard to save but the best thing is to not buy unless you need it.
    You can also do some online surveys for some extra cash or even download one of those apps that pay you to pay games.

  • Just live simply. Bulk buy groceries to save. Have fun at home instead of wasting money going out. Don’t buy that pair of shoes if you’ve got six other perfectly goid pairs at home etc

  • Always plan your spending. Try and save at least 25% of your pay. Seek financial help and advice from your local bank.

  • I absolutely hate the word, but you have to BUDGET. Be as strict as you can with money. Buy things when they are on special. Try not to eat out much.
    Good luck!

  • Try not too spend if not absolutely needed ,try saving ,coins they add up & take to bank ,talk to bank which account doesn’t cost much & no credit .Good luck

  • I know how hard that can be, doing small things like only buying food on special if possible, or making coffee/tea at home. Cut your budget down with the small things, and you will see a big change

  • No take away, cheaper meals in bulk pastas etc, get out more and be more active turning off all power, try walk instead of drive, switch to prepaid when your plan runs up on your mobile and get a $1-$2 a day deal unlimited calls. :)

  • I am in the same position so any answers would help me too!!

  • also any little work that you can pick up will help

  • Budget, live within your means, if you have to have time off work, study so that you have more skills to get a higher paying job when you go back to work, you may find that a one or 2 bedroom unit is better than a house, cheaper to rent and run, save something everyweek, I raised 3 children as a single mum, paid a mortgage and worked fulltime, It was hard work but it is possible, accept any help from any govt agencies with child care, training, rent, make the most of any opportunity, and don’t give up, you can do it and the benefit of having your own home and not having to shift frequently is wonderful.

  • yeah budget until you get back into work

  • I am 6 months pregnant with my first child & I will also be a single mother, I’m really worried that I’ll never get back on top and be able to buy a house. I wish you all the best & hope that you can still buy your very own house.
    Good luck x

  • If your looking at buying a house look into your local government housing as they have houses for sale and contribute to your purchase.

  • Just put a little bit away each week helps. If you or your child don’t need anything avoid those impulse buys, even if you go to the shops for a day out, pack your own lunch etc….. We are on strict budget at the moment and I am always on the look out for free activities for my kids. And homebrand all the way!!!

  • go back to basics, buy fresh, buy second-hand clothes and toys from op-shops, cut back on the luxury items and scrimp and save where you can. I know it’s hard – even with two incomes we find it difficult so I can imagine how hard it must be for you.

  • I work full time and am a single mum. I like to cook in bulk when I can and freeze. I find recipes that have similar ingredients so I’m not wasting anything. It sounds silly but have you considered going on to some of the sampling sites when you get a spare minute. I have gotten myself little bits and pieces over the time. I’m not saying it’s a thing that will save heaps but every little bit helps. I’ve also become conservative with my power and rarely use the dryer. I just hang any damp clothes on an airer to take advantage of the inside warmth in winter.

  • Hey lovely I’m sorry you’re struggling !! Have you heard of It Works products ? I’m a stay at home mum and a distributor for It Works Sydney. I am always looking for people to join my team. It can defo be some extra money that you can earn from home ? Email me at itworks_sydney@hotmail.com or visit my Facebook page It Works Sydney if you’d like some more info. Take care x

  • One thing that we do to save up a bit of money is at the end of every day, we take all the silver coins out of our purses & wallets, and put the coins in a money-box. You’d be surprised at how quickly it adds up, and can either be used for occasional treats (like a movie or take-away food), or put towards something bigger. Another thing that has saved me money is never going shopping when I’m hungry or haven’t eaten. If I’m hungry, I’m more likely to spend money on impulse buying food that we don’t need, that usually isn’t healthy either. Hope these may help you a little.

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