I have soap build up on my shower screen and I have been trying to get it off for months with no luck. Does anyone have any tips to help me get it off. I have tried Bam and shower power to no avail. Thanks

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  • I used to work in home care, I have cleaned many showers with tears of build up. I find using a thin green scourer and disinfectant or window cleaner work great. You will need to wipe with a rag between sections as you go for heat results. Good luck!

  • I don’t have to add anything here, so many great ideas, that I will try myself, thanks people.

  • KOH universal cleaner is my favourite thing now it really works on everything

  • Easy Off Balm works wonders,give it a go!

  • i use vinegar in a spray bottle and a shower puff to clean our shower screens… they come up clean as a whistle…

  • Try soaking it in white vinegar, rinse and repeat if needed. Or try bicarbonate and white vinegar together

  • loving the responses on this post – really enjoy the variations and will be trying them this weekend!

  • I use gumption and give it a good scrub.

  • To prevent soap build up use a good body wash, it tends to not be as hard to scrub off as soaps are.

  • go to the shop and get a bottle of CLR

  • Try bi-carb soda and warm water!!

  • Try dishwashing detergent and a soft scrubber. Works well. When dry spray with windex and polish to keep it nice.

  • White Jif and a light scourer works brillantly.

  • Make your own from White vinegar, one tea spoon of any antibacterial hand soap (like DAWN). This really works. Make up into a plastic spray bottles.

  • I love the WD40 idea, will definitely have to try this. Thanks for asking this question, I’m sure there are lots of us with this problem

  • Hey :) ive just discovered this myself it’s 1 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup washing up detergent and 1/2 cup water mixed together in a spray bottle. Spray it on; leave it for 5 minutes before giving it a scrub and rinsing. I then followed with windex just to make it shiny :) Goodluck x

  • If you wipe over the soap scum with a sponge or cloth soaked in vinegar and just keep wiping over the glass over and over the soap scum will finally move. I stopped using cakes of soap and use liquid shower gel and i find that the soap scum doesnt build up as fast.

  • Toothpaste. It removes the calcium build up, which is probably what it is, not soap. Do you have hard water where you live? Try the toothpaste on a small area, just rub it on with your fingers then rinse with water – it\’s amazing! If it works, use your regular scrubbing brush/cloth to complete the job with more toothpaste.

  • I use gumption. It’s evo-friendly, cheap and lasts ages and you can clean LOADS with it. Stainless steel comes up great.

  • Try shampoo on a damp sponge/rag. Rub it over the screen. You don’t even have to wash it off – keeps the screen clean for ages. I keep a nice smelling, cheap bottle of shampoo in the shower just for this.

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