I have tried thumbs away, stop’n grow, taping her thumb but they haven’t worked. She sucks it anyway. Obviously unlike a dummy I can’t throw it away so I need some suggestions!

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  • Some interesting suggestions here, i’m sure she will outgrow it soon enough.

  • Great suggestions. Did any of them work?

  • Chilli oil. Sounds a little mean but works.

  • Put teatree oil on end. Its gross in mouth. Be firm. Pull it out without too much attention on it.

  • There is a nail stop paint that is quite yucky or you could go the opposite and promise to paint her nails a pretty color if she stops.
    If you do paint her nails and she starts again you remove the color.

  • well i was at high school with a kid that had sucked his thumb all the way through school. we just were used to seeing him with his thumb in his mouth

  • We had this problem with our 7year old son, we got him to watch a show on what will happen to his teeth if he keeps sucking his thumb. It showed some pretty bad results but it worked. He made the decision himself to stop that night. He is now 16years and did need some orthodontic work but not as much as he would of if he continue with this habit.

  • Bansuck is available from pharmacies and it tastes horrible.

  • Good luck with finding something to stop this, its a hard one in the end we told ours it could only be done at bed time. For some reason this made her stop

  • It will eventually pass as a phase my rule is it isn’t hurting anyone and she’s still not doing at ten years let it be good luck

  • I found that soaking my baby’s thumb in something bitter – or something disliked, seemed to work a treat and stopped the habit reasonably quickly. Of course, you have to persevere with keeping the thumb topped up with the bitter taste! I used a strong vinegar and made sure there was no sugar around!! LOL

  • I sucked my thumb until I was 11, my mom tried everything with me & nothing worked. I eventually had to have a plate fitted with a “bridge” on it which would hurt my thumb every time I put my thumb into my mouth. It worked! I eventually stopped sucking my thumb. I did have to have braces when I was 15 as well. Goodluck!

  • You don’t ! Look, my three kids never sucked their thumbs, but if they had, my reaction would have been the same as it was to the whole toilet-training business. Just let her do it –it isn’t harming anything or anyone. Very few kids still suck their thumbs when they go to college, so relax :) And if you are worried about her teeth being crooked, don’t. As I stated, none of my kids sucked their thumbs, and yet two of them have crooked teeth and will need braces anyway.There are no guarantees in life. I know it’s embarrassing at times ( I was a bit worried when my firstborn took FOREVER to figure out how to use the toilet), but they do, eventually figure it out…and she will stop sucking her thumb, I promise…No worries !

  • Nothing, I’m 35 and still a thumb sucker. (In private) for me it’s to help me sleep not every night though. I’ve been an addict before birth. And my 14yo twin girls also suck their fingers again not in public.

  • Bansuck. You get it from the chemist and paint it on the nail. It tastes terrible. May break the habbit.

  • Something mum did for me was buy me a ring for my thumb when i was a kid and everytime i went to suck it annoyed me enough to make me stop its out there but may work for your daughter

  • It may be something she will grow out of; ensure she feels safe she may do this to feel secure.

  • My son didnt stop sucking his thumb till he was 13 and the only reason he stopped was because he got a coldsore on the side of his lip and couldnt suck it as it hurt.
    No matter what you say she will do it when your not around or when shes in bed i think its one of the hardest things to do is try and stop a child from sucking their thumbs.

  • keep telling her. only her will power can stop her i think. good luck

  • They have a special nail polish that tastes horrible.. specially made for thumb suckers.
    I cant remember what it’s called but it works wonders!

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