Here’s a Halloween question…I once heard that if kids are going to eat lollies they are better to do this all in one go rather than me telling them they can only have a couple each day. Apparently its better to get it over with, brush their teeth and get rid of the sugar. What do you think?

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  • Yes I think this is true. Better to eat it all in once and brush the teeth afterwards, then grazing on them over a stretch of hours allowing the sugars to attack the teeth

  • gott a brush them at least twice a day. Rinsing teeth with a drink of water straight after eating all the lollies might hopefully help rinse some of the sugar off too, although am only guessing with that one.

  • I don’t think it really matters as long as the teeth are brushed at the end of the day!

  • just as long as they brush them afterwards. it’s the same really as eating anything

  • Have something to eat afterwards that will help clear away some of the sugar then a good brush.

  • I think it’s better over a few days. The sugar content is so high and if they eat a large amount it will send their blood sugar through the roof, not to mention they will be bouncing off walls. This could make them very sick

  • My dentist told me that it is best for lollies to eaten all at once and then have savoury bikkies, followed by a good brushing. Apparently the bikkies help to take off the last of the sticky bits then brushing finishes off the clean.

  • depends how much lollies they get I guess ! But my kids tend to have one or two a day :)

  • The sugar spike could potentially be worse for the body. As for the teeth, once a day vs all at once probably isn’t going to be that different. Constant snacking is probably going to be worse than just all at once or once a day.

  • Depends if you also brush their teeth after the “couple each day”. If you always brush their teeth after eating sugary foods, then it won’t matter whether they have a lot in a short space of time, or a few spaced out. Watch out for insulin spike sugar highs if kids consume a lot of sugar in a short space of time.

  • Dunno about the effect on teeth, but I prefer to teach kids moderation (ie a few ech day).

  • Everything in moderation especially if they are brushing properly being supervised and brushing for at least 1-2 mins 2 times a day 3 if possible

  • A dentist once told me it’s best to eat all sugary things at one time rather than spreading it out through the day but I guess it depends on how many lollies you have!

  • Mm I’m not sure but to me it would seem the build up from going all out at once would be more than having a couple every couple of days etc just make sure they brush well after indulging :)

  • I think it wouldn’t matter how you eat them. The sugar content is the same whether you spread it out or have them all in one hit.

  • I think your damned if you do and damned if you don’t re lollies but I got told from the dentist chocolate is better for their teeth as it washes off with their saliva as apposed to sugar lollies stuck in their teeth for a while.

  • I think it’s going to be the same whether it’s the same day or days apart

  • My thoughts are ,eat over time ,too much sugar all at once isnt good for there bodies .

  • I think just let that eat as much as they want on the day and then whilst they are asleep that night (if you can get them to sleep after all that sugar) seriously cull what lollies are left…

  • I think lollies should be kept as a treat to have seldom. Christmas, birthday, Halloween and a few other special occasions. It’s not special anymore if they have them every week or every day!

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