I didn’t state very clearly what was happening in the first post.. But here is a little more detail and what is happening.

It’s a small privately owned restaurant and I have been employed there since January, in that time I have never ghastly a day off (other than when the business is closed) nor have I had a sick day. The 3 times I was hospitalised for my severe morning sickness was when I was on annual leave ( so in my own time) whilst I was on annual leave my supervisor thought I was mad at her so she scratched all my shifts because I hadn’t attended a linen party at her home (due to being in hospital) but I wasn’t informed my shifts had been scratched.

I arrived for my shift on the rostered days only to be greeted with “oh so you are alive, well you have no shifts this week so you may as well go home”.

The next day she phoned and asked if I could come in asap to cover a 3 hour shift, I mentioned I was at an antenatal appointment and she hung up on me. Within minutes I received a text message saying ‘sorry but you have to work’ I replied telling her I couldn’t just leave my appointment and then I received another text ‘you are too unreliable and your behaviour is putting the business under pressure. At this time you will not be allocated anymore shifts’ the manner in which she speaks to me is very harsh, and she makes it very clear I’m a burden to her. She sort of apologised halfheartedly in a text today ‘sorry, lol empathy isn’t my strongpoint’.

I would like to reiterate that I have never had a sick day or called in sick on company time – I schedule appointments for in my own personal time. I was working 45hr weeks before I became pregnant and I would never say no to working a shift if someone called in sick – I feel I have proven myself to be a valuable and reliable employee and her behaviour towards me feels as if it’s more of a personal thing rather than business related.

At the moment, they have scratched all my shifts – and this was done without discussing or meeting with me, I have since contacted my union and the workplace ombudsman for advice on this matter.

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  • Contacting your union was the right thing to do – I hope this has worked out for you.

  • Sounds similar to a problem I have at work. I was being bullied by a co worker and asked to not be rostered on with her again. The boss told me I could work…….or not. Get back to her by the end of the day with my decision. Of course, I wanted to keep my job so I said that. Only to find my shifts had been significantly reduced for the next month because I’ld upset the boss :/ This is only one example of her ‘business sense’ or her lack of :(

  • It’s sound like you’ve made a good start on how to manage this situation – you’ve contacted your union and the workplace ombudsman. Just in case: keep a record of what happens and when; keep your texts and emails. If the matter progresses and if the situation causes you an injury, you can seek workers’ compensation.

    It sounds like the best situation is to keep calm, try and explain matters to the manager/ owner. Ask for more shifts or advise that you are available for shifts but also explain if/ when you have ante natal appointments.

    But it might be best if you start looking elsewhere for employment. I suspect that you’ll be better off and less stressed. Good luck!

  • Sometimes we feel loyal and in a way comfortable therefore put up with unfair, unreasonable bosses and their lack of compassion or decency.
    Leave! Sometimes it’s an uphill, losing battle you won’t win. They won’t wake up and say ‘ oh you’re vthe best, and they’re so sorry’ as long as they’re making money.
    You sound hard working, caring and you’ll get a good job somewhere else!

  • yeah it sure is tough trying to be the polite one who conflict manages everything

  • hope this has all been sorted for you now.

  • hope you get this sorted

  • Pleased you contacted your union, has there been any improvement in your situation?

  • WOW what an awful situation to be in. Your supervisor sounds like a bully and outright mean. I hope you get some good advice from the union.

  • I am having trouble with bullying at my work too. I wish you all the best. Hope that everything sorts itself out.
    People need to be more considerate.

  • Wow what a place to be in I think you need to talk to your union or go to a legal person to get some help on this one

  • I have been following both your post. Your supervisor is down right mean & a bully. What has the union & work place ombudsman advised you?

  • Is the supervisor an owner of the business as I would also speak with the owner directly and show the texts ect as she sounds very unreasonable and bulling you out. The fact that you already reduced your shifts down to casual may not work in your favour now as you did them a favour where they don’t have to give you many (if any) shifts but as full time permanent, you would have had sick days and they would have to work with you otherwise they would be in some serious trouble with union/fair work practices.

    Good luck with the union ect and hopes it works out but in the mean time enjoy the break!

  • Wow she sounds like a real piece of work!!!
    You sound like a top employee, I’m sure things will sort themselves out! Fingers crossed

  • I think you have done right in contacting your union i really dont think they can do that to you if you can prove that you didnt normally work on those days and they really shouldnt be contacting you via twxt message, i hope you have kept all of them.
    Good luck i really hope things work out for you keep us all updated would love to hear you got it all sorted.

  • Good Luck this is terrible. I hope you get it sorted.

  • Wow. Just keep all correspondence with her evem copies of your scrstched shifts. All texts and voicemails. Keep a diary of conversations and date and time them. Even the minutest things. This is a form of bullying. Also this is the last thing a pregnant mumma needs. Minimal stress. I can only suggest that if it does get to hard you could go to your GP and get signed off from work to allow time to regenerate.

  • Definitely talk to your union – I’m fairly sure some of that behaviour is illegal. It may also be discrimination since you’re pregnant; you may want to look into that too.

  • I think it’s good that you’ve contacted the union, they are best people to be able to look at your contract and advise you whether your employer is in breach of your employment conditions.

  • Wow! Thats insane! She is the one with issues, definitely NOT you! Im glad you are seeking advice, and your ombudsman is the best person to start off with. Are you casual or permanent/fulltime?

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