It’s amazing how much gear mums need for small children! With two littlies still toddling, Emmaline’s double pram needs to be a permanent fixture in her car – trouble is, there’s never any room for groceries, scooters or trikes. This will be the ultimate boot space test for the Kluger – and we’re sure the DVD player will be screening all the best kids’ movies too.

  • Today was our last day with the Kluger and it happened to be a scorcher of a day too – a taste of summer. So we took the opportunity to drive up north for a lunch by the water. The air conditioning was super quick at cooling the Kluger down and we all enjoyed the drive and the sunroof was a cool option too. We noticed the separate rear climate control which was great with the boys. The dual cigarette lighter made charging both my and Seans’ mobile phones really easy. It was such a beautiful afternoon, an excellent way to finish our Kluger journey. I will miss the smooth ride and comfy leather seats, the sunroof, the stereo, the boot space….actually all of it! Thank you to Mouths of Mums and Toyota for the experience! :)

  • Tonight the Kluger showed its true colours when I took it to do the grocery shopping for the family. Supermarket shopping at night, with no kids, free to peruse the aisles as I wanted….hmmm bliss! I loved how I could fit a huge shop into the boot even with the pram and two bikes in there. There is so much room it made it a non-event! I used the automatic boot release and close – handbag, and other bags in hand it was very helpful. I noticed how the lights turn off automatically when you lock the Kluger and also how there are lights around the vehicle to help guide you, which is nice. So in summary – the Kluger rocks for supermarket shopping, by day or night :)

  • Day five found us filming with the Mouths of Mums team. The interview brought up a few new features about the Kluger that I hadn’t tried out yet. I was excited to find the additional mirror that just pops down, to watch the boys in the back. I worked out the automatic boot release and close, which will be excellent when armed with groceries and kids and more! And the most exciting part was learning how easily the additional back seats open up and close down, and that you can just have one up while still fitting the pram in the boot. Toyota really has thought of everything! Tai fell asleep on the drive back home; it was a big morning for him, full of new people and excitement!

  • Today was a return to normality, day care for the boys and a trip to the local shopping centre. I noticed today the Bluetooth connection for our mobile phones – so convenient to be able to answer calls from the steering wheel! Today was the first day I took the Kluger into a busy underground car park and I was impressed at how easy it was to manoeuvre and the rear camera came in handy. It was also a good place to have a quick squiz at a range of other four wheel drives – and the Kluger definitely is impressive in comparison. Still love the stereo – listened to my Ipod all the way home!

  • Day three found us taking a day trip up to the Central Coast as a family. Once again the DVD was such an excellent distraction for the boys and a made a peaceful drive for us parents. The navigator is a great feature of the Kluger, however we encountered significant ‘user issues’!! We did a few u-turns and calmly avoided a near domestic! It was fantastic to experience the Kluger on the freeway and open roads though, and it was such a smooth drive. We loved the Ipod jack and the drive went very quickly and comfortably. The boys had a great play at the playground and we had included their bikes as well, which was a bonus. On the way back we encountered an accident ahead of us and had to take a detour to get back to the freeway, in the Kluger the extra driving was a minor event and we enjoyed an easy drive back. I found the seats particularly comfy and even after driving all day didn’t feel it. A great day trip out in the Kluger!

  • Day two and we headed up to the local indoor play centre. We loved the sun roof and awesome stereo! The DVD is continuing to be a hit with the boys. At the play centre, the Mouths of Mums logo on the back of the Kluger was recognised and was the start of a few conversations with the other mums! After swimming lessons and lunch we drove to Nana’s and enjoyed showing off the impressive space and features of the Kluger to the boys’ Grandparents and Aunty. We then had the opportunity to try out the space when Aunty needed a lift to a toga party (of course!) and easily fitted in between the two car seats. It was pretty cold tonight and the heater worked efficiently and made the drive home nice and cosy.

  • Well what a fantastic afternoon! Nikki and Vanessa dropped off the Kluger to us this afternoon and it really changed our day. The boys, Fynn and Tai, were thrilled that they could watch a DVD and Fynn in particular was glued to the Wiggles for the entire drive! The earphones for the DVD were great as the boys could hear the DVD while Sean and I could listen to the radio. Our double pram looked small in the huge boot space and we all enjoyed the spacious and comfortable seats. We drove up to Terry Hills for a rare early dinner out and the boys were excited to be ‘going to a restaurant’. The Kluger drove so smoothly and the height was definitely a better drive, Sean and I both loved our first experience of the Kluger!

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