Cathy’s 3 older children keep her out and about in her car all day. With multiple school pick-ups that always seem to include extra friends, she’s sure the 7 seats in her Kluger will be put to the test. Weekends away are normally a little too tight for comfort, so they are busily planning a quick trip away!

  • Hi All,

    I have now had to say goodbye to the Toyota Kluger. The Kluger has been an absolute pleasure to drive. My whole family have enjoyed having such a beautiful spacious car so much. I have shown the Kluger to many of my friends and family and they all have the same response…WOW!!! I made many of them sit in the car, as I wanted them to experience what I was having the great pleasure of experiencing, they were all very impressed. This car does have the WOW factor. Its a great looking car on the outside. And so luxurious inside. As the driver you experience state of the art technology, everything just a finger tip away, you have absolute control of the entire car, right down to the automatic boot. There is so much technology in this car, it would take me to long to list, just know you have complete control. Slipping into all the other seats in the car you straight away feel absolute comfort and space. You can stretch out onto plush leather seats and lap up the luxury. This car could easily handle a family of 7, no problem, but as a family of 5 I have to say its extreme comfort. As a mother always on the run with 3 children its just smooth sailing all the way. Always enough room for a friend or 2 for a playdate, scooters, surfboards, shopping/groceries etc etc. I highly recommend the Toyota Kluger to friends, family and all of you who read this. This car is exactly what you are looking for. It ticks all the boxes. The Kluger has, feel good luxury, space galore, absolute smooth driving, plenty of power, easy steering ( reverse parkings a breeze ), and the best of car safety for your precious family. The Toyota designers have come up with a perfect car for families. They have covered all bases with the Kluger. I drive a Toyota Rav4 and its only a 5 seater so I am looking to upgrade to a 7seater, so I will be checking with my local Toyota dealer for a good deal on the Kluger. In the past we have owned other makes of car, with the one before my Toyota Rav4 giving us lots of grief and engine troubles ( I won’t mention the make ). Anyway when I was looking for a new car, I rang the NRMA advice line. I spoke to a lovely man, who listened to my story about my disastrous experience with the car I had at the time and he said to me, do you know what you need? A Toyota! He said it was an extemely reliable car. So off I went and bought a Toyota Rav4. But now its time to change to a seven seater and I seriously cant look past the Toyota Kluger. So there you go, as a mum with a beautiful family the Toyota Kluger is for me. Come on mum’s we deserve this Car!
    Thank you so much to Nikki and Vanessa from mouths of Mums and Toyota for giving myself and my family the opportunity to really get to know and enjoy the fabulous TOYOTA KLUGER……we have had a ball!!!! Cheers! Cathy PS: I hope my blogs have helped the mums who are keen to buy a new car….Thanks for following!

  • Hi All, I just can’t explain the space in this car enough. The front seats are like lounge chairs with so much leg room. But then you come to the middle seats (back), as pictured with my boys, and there is still so much space/leg room as you can see by the photo. The two extra seats at the very back, also have plenty of room. Incredible!

  • Hi There,

    We had a brilliant weekend with the Toyota Kluger. As usual the car was just perfect. We took the boys surfing, no problem fitting their foam surf boards in the car. The space is just fantastic. No matter what we put in the back or how heavy the car may get, the power of the car never fluctuates. My husband is very impressed with the power of the Toyota Kluger. My final review is coming up shortly……..Cheers! Cathy

  • Hi There,
    Another happy day with the Toyota Kluger. Went to a shopping centre today with tight parking spots, I was a little worried about parking, but all was fine. The handling of the Kluger is really perfect, even in tight spots! This car handles so well in all types of situations. Its so perfect for a mum, who does get distracted constantly by the children. I popped my son Jett ( pictured ) who is 8, in the back to help demonstrate how big this car is with the 2 back seats down, its massive. Going on holidays would be a breeze. Luggage couldn’t possibly fill this space, so it would leave plenty of room for anything else you or the children would like to bring! The fact is the Toyota Kluger is absolutely perfect for everyday, but also would be brilliant for holidays!!!! Cheers! Cathy

  • Hi there, yesterday was such a fun day, the Mouths of Mums team popped in for some filming of myself with my new favourite car the Toyota Kluger. Its was an excellent day, I really enjoyed talking about this stunning car, mind you I was abit nervous with a camera pointing at me! But is was so easy to explain all the things I like about the Toyota Kluger, which really is everything. I am so comfortable with this car now. Its such a pleasure to drive, I really and truely can recommend this car to everyone. My favourite things are….the space, the comfy seats, how safe I feel and knowing my children are all protected with airbags, the dvd player, the automatic boot, and 2 extra new details I had not noticed, that you can heat up your seat and the CD player that holds 4 cd’s at a time. The CD player is behind the huge navigator screen, the screen slides down to show the CD player behind it. Very cool! Cheers! Cathy

  • Hi Everyone,

    Another beautiful day with the Toyota Kluger. Very quiet though, as I had to do some work at home. Thanks to The Mouths of Mums, we went out for a lovely dinner. We don’t often go out to restaurants anymore as it just gets a bit pricey now, as the children all insist on having adult meals… more children’s menu for our family. We had a really lovely time, so thank you Mouths of Mums and Toyota, it was a lovely treat! Oh and I did my first perfect reverse park in the Toyota Kluger. The Kluger is larger then my car….so I have been a bit off in my reverse parking since I have been test driving the Kluger… sooo looks like I am getting very comfortable with this car. It didn’t take long, a credit really to the folks at Toyota for making a beautiful 7 seater luxury car very easy to drive!
    The car was delivered to me last Friday with a full tank of fuel, it’s still going strong. So to me it seems like it’s very fuel efficient as we have been driving around quite a lot. Mind you I will have to check with my husband to make sure. Efficiency with sales & shopping? I’m on it! Efficiency with fuel? Not so much!… Cheers! Cathy

  • Hi There,
    Today was a school day, shopping day, etc etc day…..Its just so lovely to jump into the Kluger, seriously all these chores us mums have to do, can become so mundane. But after each errand, I would just get back into the Kluger, and immediately feel great, being wrapped up in luxury is how I would describe it. The photo attached is Velvet, Rory & Jett enjoying the movie on the DVD player, with the headphones which came with car. Brilliant for when you really don’t need to hear Night of the Museum 2 for the 9th time! ( Good movie though ). Aaahhhh…I wonder if you would ever take this car for granted….gee it would be nice to get the opportunity to find out……..Cheers! Cathy

  • Hi There,
    We had another excellent day with the Toyota Kluger Yesterday. We went for a really long drive. My husband had his first drive of the Kluger, and boy did he love it! He looked very comfy in the drivers seat, you could see the look on his face he was in man toy zone.( Mmmmm, mental note, must start working on him to maybe buy me one, hee hee ). Myself and the children were so comfortable in our seats, they are so luxurious, its just like sitting on a lounge, beautiful. This car has so much power, its amazing, going up steep hills, absolutely no problem, stays totally smooth. So smooth I find myself checking the speedometer quite alot. I guess this is probably normal when you start driving a new car. I know my car so well, I rarely need to check my speed, the rattling & shaking is a dead give away if I am heading towards driving over the limit!!!!……Cheers! Cathy

  • Hi there,
    Yesterday, I did alot of driving around in the beautiful Toyota Kluger. Saturday sports with the children all day long. The car is such a pleasure to drive, I am getting quite comfortable. The size inside the car is amazing, you really can’t tell unless you jump in, its huge. My children can’t believe how big it is. Everyone has so much room no matter where you sit. No matter where we went my boys insisted that the built in DVD must be on. So even though it may have been only a 10min drive to the shops, a movie had to go on. Everything in this car is at the drivers fingertips, the panel of buttons covers everything. When the children complain ” I’m hot “, ” I’m cold “, ” change the radio station “, ” I can’t hear the music “……..everything is fixed at the touch of a button, either just to your left on the console or actually on the steering wheel, fantastic! If there was some sought of mute control or cone of silence that could cover the back seats this car would be a parents dream!! Ha Ha, just joking, of course I want to hear what my children have to say, well, nearly most of the time! Yayyyy, my children can have playdates ( or hangout dates as my daughter would prefer to call it ). The attached photo shows my daughter with her friends and my boys Rory & Jett in the very back. Its so much fun having a packed car of happy little people!!!! Till next time…………Cheers! Cathy

  • Hi Everyone,
    Firstly, thank you so much to Mouths of Mums and Toyota for choosing me to test drive the Kluger. I am very excited to have been one of the winners.
    The car arrived lunch time Yesterday. My first reaction was WOW, what a beautiful looking car. My daughter Velvet talked me into having the day off from school, so she could be here for the arrival, and Velvet was also blown away by the car. We decided we had to take it for a drive straight away. When I jumped in to the car, I just couldn’t believe how luxurious the Kluger is. Just stunning! After adjusting the seat via easy press buttons on side of seat, and Velvet going to the extreme of trying out lie down position to upright position, we decided to be on our way. Well, at least I thought we were, but much to our amusement I couldn’t start the car. Now this beautiful new car has the latest starting mechanism, all you need to do is push a button. Very cool, but it wouldn’t start? I’m thinking oh no, is this a female thing, how embarrassing, I can’t even start a push button car. A truck was parked over my drive way, and the guys unloading items for next door are calling me to ask if they need to move, I had to call out, well yes, but I don’t know how to start the car! They were killing themselves laughing, yelling to each other, Ha Ha this lady doesn’t know how to start a car!!! Yes, well I am glad I could be amusing for them, but hey, I worked it out. Your foot needs to be pressing on the brake in order for the engine to start. I think this is actually a natural thing when driving a normal car with a key, but I was, I guess confused with this new car. Gee I hope this is a normal occurrence, otherwise I look rather silly! We were on our way, the first time driving a luxury car!!! I felt comfortable from the start. Usually when you jump into a new car the brakes can be quite different to what your used to. For example I am always nearly putting us through the windshield of my husband’s car, as the brakes are sooo touchy, its terrible. But the Kluger was so perfect, its like the car fit like a glove instantly. To be continued………Thank you for reading and thank you to the lovely mums who blogged – congrats to us winners, thats so sweet! Cheers! Cathy

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