Looking back over the last 2 years it is hard to think of how far we have come. About this time 2 years ago I was undergoing tests and scans to try and explain false positive pregnancy tests and why I had no monthly cycle. The results of all those came that I would probably never conceive naturally, as I have a lump on my pituitary gland that releases too much Prolactin. A microadenoma it is called, not cancerous but not great for someone wanting to be a mum, since the Prolactin was basically a natural contraceptive in that it was telling me I was already pregnant and therefore was negating my cycle. We swallowed the news amid many tears, and told our families of the trouble and got their support. Since IVF is so expensive we gave up on our attempts of trying for a child, for the time being. In late September of the same year I was at work and feeling crap, my work mate (also unable to fall pregnant) kept joking that I was pregnant, I told her that I would be pregnant if she was (since she was also feeling low). We joked about it for a week, then my lunch came back up one day, and then not the next – with the removal of 1 ingredient off my kebab- satay sauce. The third day I had satay sauce and up came lunch again. Satay was my favorite food, and I could not keep it down. Milk repulsed me, where it was previously a favorite drink. I caved and brought a test. Not convinced on the possibility that I was pregnant, I did the test at home and forgot about checking the results. Hubby came home, and found the test… he asked what 2 lines on the stick meant. I told him 2 lines meant positive for being pregnant. He laughed and said the test was faulty it had 2 lines on it. I told him my issues with satay, and how I was waking up sick in the mornings. We brought another test, and it came up with a positive 6+ weeks. We didn’t dare to hope but booked a drs appt. We told the Dr – the same one who had diagnosed my issues- he laughed and booked a test. It came back positive, he fell off the chair is shock I was pregnant according to all the tests he had run. He sent me for a scan and sure enough there was our little one only just visable but there. The Dr was so happy for us, and hubby and I had a few more tears (of joy). But I was at a high risk of losing bub, so we told noone – except hubby’s boss who if anything happened negatively had to know so hubby could leave asap, and my work mate. She was stunned and stoked for us. She was sworn to secrecy and kept a close eye on me, always careful of anything that might be off about me she made note of for hubby. 3 months passed and bub was doing well… so close to Christmas and no family yet suspicious. So we left it until Christmas day and gave the family members ultrasound photos as their gifts. Many screams and tears later we had the support of our family for the last part of the pregnancy, we told friends on New Years Eve and got many more hugs.

During the pregnancy Dr’s kept a close eye on me, I even had to go for more scans (without the dyes) to check nothing was going wrong in my head (more then normal). I lost 30 kgs which concerened the Dr’s but bub was growing steadily so they didn’t panic too much. Then in June last year our DD arrived, holding her in my arms was better then I could imagine, and the bond between hubby & I grew as the bond with bub grew. Throughout the last year I have gained all the weight I lost (unfortunately), and the Dr’s have told me I need to undergo a whole new round of tests and scans as soon as I finish breast feeding bub. We have had some tough times but it has been worth it. I went back on the mini-pill as soon as I had to, and when I went back for a new script the Dr told me I should move back to the full pill, but I explained to her that I can’t be on the full pill as i get migraines from all the hormone mess my microadenoma creates. She told me: you shouldn’t need a pill in that case, prolactin is a natural contraceptive, you have a VERY low risk of pregnancy with those levels….. I laughed and told her: the last Dr fell off his chair after telling me the exact same thing, when a few months later I told him I was pregnant- all while pointing at my smiling daughter. The Dr laughed and said she hoped she hadn’t jinxed me for a second bub to arrive, since my body was so determined to prove everyone wrong in that I did fall pregnant naturally.

As our celebrant at DD’s naming day said, if the determination to come into our world is anything to go buy hubby and I are in for some tough times when DD gets to teenage years….

For now, I am enjoying the time with DD, I hope a second will be in our future but not for a few more years, I am also hoping scans show no growth and no issues with my Pituitary Gland when they are done. But if a second never comes, then I don’t mind since we were lucky to have our miracle DD come into our lives, I can be happy with just the 1 child if that is all I am meant to have.

Posted by rogue, 17th June 2013

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  • What a miracle. Congratulations to you


  • 1 year on


  • Against the odds you were blessed.


  • Oh that is a wonderful story to read. I myself am having trouble conceiving. I love to read stories like this. It really give me hope. Wishing you all the best in the future and congratulations on your miracle!


  • Thanks for your story, all the best to you.


  • Your little baby is a miracle. Congratulations and I wish you all the best with your health ( and for baby no.2 if its meant to be).


  • Sometimes getting pregnant can be extraordinarily difficult, but you’re right – most people would utterly agree that it’s worth it.


  • Congratulations on your miracle babies.


  • What a beautiful story! Somethings are just meant to be. My friend was told that she was menopausal and had 0 chance of conceiving – even with IVF. 2 children later…..


  • Your story bought a tear to my eye. Absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy that, against all odds, you have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I hope that things continue to look up for you and that all your tests go well. Good luck x


  • What a beautiful story and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with MoM so that others can read it. It just goes to show that Doctors are human too and that if human spirit is anything to by, your daughter is here as proof. Positive she is here for a reason. Congratulations and good luck with all of your tests. xox


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