It’s become so annoying to submit answers and get the response “there are some good answers here” ect. Also the amount of recipes that the picture has been taken straight from google images and pasted as their own. It’s called plagiarism people. Other mums are submitting real recipes with real effort and are not just phoning it in for the prizes.
MOM please do something!!

Posted by miranda_blackmore, 6th April 2014

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  • Totally agree or the people that put great story on things that are heart breaking I really hope Moms does something about it


  • I mostly ignore these people, but get cross when their posting is insensitive or hurtful.


  • There is one I keep coming across that posts 2 words but they’re not even proper words. I’m sure MoM is onto these kinds of people but to be able to keep an eye on everything happening would be almost impossible. Its a shame that people feel the need to copy others ideas though :(
    MoM are doing a great job!


  • I have been noticing this too. One woman keeps making the same comments, sometimes several comments on 1 question. Obviously thinking she’s racking up points. But the story could be about losing a loved one,mane she’ll comment ‘excellent story’ ‘great read’ ‘love these stories.’ I’m like DO YOU EVEN READ THEM!!! So frustrating

    • Mum I’m talking about has commented below. Lol. 2 word response


  • It would prob take longer to find, save and upload a plagiarised photo than it would to just take one yourself, haha


  • great exellent


  • Might be worthwhile considering that some people may have a disability or RSI and have difficulty using their hands. It may make it difficult for them to reply with long or different answers. They may find it easier and have less difficulty in reading the content and then pasting or commenting with similar/same comments. I try not to judge people’s comments as I am not walking is someone else’s shoes. I know someone with agonising arthritis and they are terribly limited with keyboarding and writing. Also; some people do have more to say than others.


  • I’ve decided to no longer comment on the Recipe or Craft Section.

    If someone uses a photo or an entire recipe from another site it’s not only good manners to provide a link or acknowledge where the information came from but also to avoid being done for copyright violations. Having said that there are exceptions and in some cases you actually need to request permission from the owner of the material before just copy and pasting it elsewhere.

    I have a blog and was ticked off to find my pictures showing up on eBay to help sell a particular item that I collect. I search eBay for these items and it was obvious I would come across the listings as there aren’t that many of them.

    The photos that were used were made to appear as though they were the work of the sellers and had no reference to being mine at all. I go to a great deal of trouble to research, collect, photograph and provide information on these items as well as other things I collect where there is little to nothing about them on the internet and am happy for people to use this info to help identify their collectable – a little bit of common courtesy in giving credit isn’t too much to ask for.

    I could have been a cow and dobbed them into eBay, however I contacted the sellers and gave them a choice, either take down my photos or give me credit in their listing. I then had to go and add a copyright section to my blog so everyone is aware that they can link without asking but not to copy photos unless they ask first.

    There is a case on the internet where a blogger had used photos from the internet and was issued with a take down notice from the owner’s Solicitor, the blogger complied and thought that was the end of the matter… I won’t go into what happened next, you can read it here http://www.blogher.com/bloggers-beware-you-can-get-sued-using-photos-your-blog-my-story

    And still there are people that think just because it’s on the internet it’s fair game.


  • I can’t believe people actually copy other peoples pictures… surely they couldn’t get away with it


  • while there is the chance to rort the system some will always take the opportunity and run with it. I hope that those who plagiarize get charged with breaching copyright, as its not just the picture that was taken, in most times the recipe has just been copied and pasted too. I have outed one of the recipe people on facebook and no one seems to give a damn that she cheated to get her prize.


  • You never know they may be watching for these type of posts and these people may be just not receiving any prizes. I have posted recipe’s and they are all mine. If the food is not of cooked food then they should not be allowed to post it. I am sure they will fix these problems in time.


  • Oh I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ll admit I’ve spent the last couple of days posting things to see how the rewards system works, but I’ve always tried to contribute something of value. From what I can tell though they’ve changed something..at least there used to be a word count to tell you when you’d written enough to get points and that’s disappeared. Perhaps that will help?


  • I saw a comment in the craft section too where a picture had been taken from a catalogue and another mum pointed it out with the link.

    • Oh my goodness. I haven’t seen that in the craft section. I have been just thinking how wonderfully creative all the mums are that submit on the craft section and loved many of the ideas. I try to think positively and just hope people are doing the right thing, but have voiced my opinion on the time there was a big points incentive on recipes etc.


  • Putting a higher word count won’t help because a few people are just cut and pasting so they will just cut and paste a longer sentence! But I remember reading somewhere that MoM will remove all your points if they believe you are points racking? Not sure how closely this is or could be monitored though.


  • Sorry – i re read my comment and realised it could come across in a negative way…It wasn’t my intention! I was just pointing out the whole freedom of speech thing, just came out wrong due to a sleepless night :) I do get where you are coming from though. I’m pretty sure MoM used to have a daily limit on how many posts you can reply on and earn points? Do they still do this now? If not might be good to implement again if it keeps going on. Or setting a higher letter count limit on replies so just a few words wont earn you points, so eople put more thought and genuine feelings into how they reply!

    • Don’t worry I have done the same thing when I have been tired etc as well. I think you have a fair point and understand the meaning you were trying to get across about the whole freedom of speech thing and agree with the rest of your last paragraph as well about people putting more thought into things. I have to say this post is about the 3rd or 4th I’ve seen on the topic and there was another post that was full of people using veiled comments about this person or that doing something to do with points racking or plagiarism or replying to their own posts, cutting and pasting etc. The articles posted about points racking are almost becoming more tiring than the actual alleged points racking. I think the best way to address this would be not to post an article about it but email MoM if some of the people posting articles about it are really concerned about people cutting and pasting etc.


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