Kiera you have all heard about Kiera yep born with no bottom etc. any way she does not go to any one except her mother father nan pop and her sister. Anyone else touches her she screams holly hell. She scared os sudden noise eg Mobil ring. Hates the vacuum and the hose.. Hates baths. .. Okay she has been a good girl. Wow sleeps well. Great helper. .. Yesterday she locked the downs stairs toilet omg no way could I get in . I rang my daughter as I was baby sitting and was telling her what she had done okay mum she says, josh will fix it when he gets home. , she is not stuck in there no luv says me .. I get off the phone and this two year old has opened ever draw cupboard I the lounge room and kitchen .. Wow. I am thinking when did this crap start .. Omg .. So I put her in Front of the tv. Go and start picking up all the tea towels off the floor that she has thrown there. Finish turn around she is gone .. Kiera Kiera no answer so I am racing around I know she is inside. . I was not gone two min. Omg. I find her she is in the up stairs bathroom she has the baby power and she looks like Casper the friendly ghost and my daughters bathroom well. Yes okay… I thinking I am at 52 to old for this. It’s only ten am I have only had her for a hour and I feel like I have run a race… Silly me. Again a bad idea my place is one level. And I can lock doors to keep her in my lounge room dinning room… Open up the sliding doors as she can not get out of my back yard … Okay my little miss . I grab her coming on work for you … Out side we go. I get the hose. And she screaming uppy uppy. Yep here take this I said not listening to her screaming. Next door suing out she hates the hose.. Thanks I yell back. Yeah right as if I did not know, so I give her the hose and we are going to wash down the out side play toys. As they have a few webs and its a hot day. And water the garden… So she now settled down she has control of the hose… Yep this is better.. I,m sitting in the chair just watching her oh she,s playing quite happy. Then all of a sudden she turns the hose on me… I hate cold water well I,m up and out of there trying to turn it off and she is laughing and soaking me…. Okay miss .. Up stairs for you … Just let me fix a few things up.. I was turning over a few toys so they could dry. When she starts screaming again up pie up pie. Like she is getting murdered. Next door sticks her head out the window is she okay , do you need a hand, no I am find, omg how can my daughter stand it… A fly is chasing her she hates flys still has not learnt go away and to wave her hand she just screams holly hell.. So I look like a cat that’s been drowned she looks like a patchy. Casper the ghost so we go inside I dry off and change into my daughters cloths which just to say a three sizes to big so I really look a site… I clean her up… We go down. Have some thing to eat .. 12.30 we lay on my daughters bed I,m watching tv .. My daughter finds us at. 3 pm. Asleep.. We wake up. Oh mum you guys look like you had a great day… Yes it was wonderful. We come down stairs and my daughter says mum would you like a cuppa. Please. Kiera climbs up on my lap and says nanny hose. No honey nanny go home soon. Me come. No. You stay here and help mummy …. I went home at 5 o’clock I was in bed at 9 I was stuffed. I had done nothing all day except chase or run from miss two… Oh yes I told my daughter about the fly. She i know mum we are trying to teach her to wave her hand… But you really want to see her. When she sees a ant omg it’s the end of the world… So I hope when reading this you see the funny side .. And know with Kiera and all her quirky little issues if scared we pick her up straight away. And some days can take over half an hour to resettle her and this old happen four five times aday… As her nanny I do take her once a week. To help out my daughter so she can get linen etc done… But I had big dreams this day off vacuuming and swiping and dusting and when she went down for her nap putting a mop over the floor … Omg I not baby sitting over there again… Those stairs. ,,,, that child can climb them that fast ….or we did was made a mess… My daughter never asked me about her bathroom lol she knew .. Oh and josh got in to the toilet down stairs…. So nanny trying to help. Well it did not work again.

Posted by liz007, 17th October 2013

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  • i like reading these stories it s fun


  • My daughter fell ill with sinusitis, and was admitted to hospital, Nan to the rescue, the 3 grandsons came to stay Mr 5, Mr 2, & Mr 8 weeks, for 4 days it was a whirlwind of nappies, feeds, scraped knees, bedtime stories, washing. and most of all laughter, i loved it.


  • That little one keeps you on your toes.


  • keep positive at all times lol… hard to do but must :)


  • You cant turn your back!


  • My eldest used to zip around that fast it was hard to keep up. My mum was minding her one day and only let her out of her sight for one minute and heard a buzzing sound up stairs. She went up and found her shaving her head with my partners electric shavor!


  • I still wonder how mine manages to make such a mess in such a short amount of time! And I agree, sometimes you just need to look at the funny side.


  • childern can be so funny at time


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