Well, I was wondering what other people feel about charities doorknocking.

What started me thinking was earlier this week; it was about 6.30pm, so after dark here. I was in the middle of trying to get three kids under six ready for bed, and I was simultaneously on the phone to my husband (so he could say goodnight to the kids). And suddenly someone banged on my front door so hard it frightened me. We do have a doorbell, but they chose not to use it.

So I opened the door – knowing the security door was closed and locked – and found a young lady who said she was associated with Paralympics Australia. I assume she was going to ask for money, but I brushed her off. I was too busy. But honestly, even if she’d picked a better time, there’s no way I was going to open my security door after dark to a stranger, especially when alone with the kids, and definitely not with money in hand.

I’m not arguing the Paralympics are important. I have a disabled son. And I know charities have to raise money. We donate to some charities when we can.

But – bailing me up in my own home? Banging / crashing on my door instead of using the doorbell? Expecting me to open my security door to a stranger after dark? Choosing what’s dinner time for a lot of people? Am I the only one that thinks this is unreasonable when there are so many other ways to solicit money?

Posted anonymously, 7th August 2014

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  • I’ve only heard of the Salvos door knock appeal and once a charity for domestic violence but they wanted a monthly commitment . I am just careful in general and I always ask for ID anyway . I guess they just to anything these days for work and same goes for telemarketing on mobiles which is just as bad .


  • I hate doorknockers, I hate charities bailing me up in shopping centres, a lot of these collectors get a percentage of what they collect, and it is a considerable percentage, I only give to charity direct and we actually have a donation budget and make donations to charities that we want to support and that way we know where our money is going and that it is not in to some one elses pocket.


  • I totally agree with you. My Daughter and I have a Charity in Newcastle called surGICure and there is absolutely no way we would be banging on people’s front door at anytime. We aim to seek all our funding through our fundraising events and if people choose to support that’s great, and if they don’t, we don’t mind either.

    Take care


  • Well the Salvos have door knocked for years and really it doesn’t matter how charities solicit money no one will be happy – they door knock people complain, they phone people still complain, stand with buckets in public places, people say they are being harrassed and picking a better time? We’re all busy at various times of the day, it’s impossible for them to know when it would be convenient for them to call on each and every household. You said there are so many other ways, just wondering what options you had in mind?

    • A fair question. How about these for starters: their own websites; general fundraising websites; email solicitations; letterboxing (done by the previous doorknockers, so they don’t have to pay postage); developing a partnership with schools or businesses; nominating an event (such as Australia’s Greatest Morning Tea) where other people do the organising of specific events for them; selling merchandise at shopping centres; passive collection (ie buckets) at shopping centres; money boxes on the counter of shops/ businesses. There are lots of things to do other than doorknocking. But in fact, I wouldn’t find doorknocking so offensive if (a) done in daylight (b) they use my doorbell (c) not done at a time of day which is likely to be dinner time for a lot of people.

      • The salvos advertise the red shield appeal so most people know they are coming.


  • I just can’t stand door knockers in general.


  • Not sure if any one else is but i seem to be getting more and more phone calls asking to donate now grr when will it stop.

    • Might be useful to block the numbers; if they bother you.


  • I agree totally with you. I refuse to open my door after dark. Phone calls at dinner time also annoy me :(


  • We have a sticker by our front door that says “No salespeople, charity collectors, religious or survey canvassers” and since putting the sign there over 12 months ago, we’ve only had one person ignore it.


  • I have to agree I hate door knockers but we are lucky and do not get them very often at all out here but I also hate when you have donated to one and they ring you all the time and I mean for years. They need to find other ways


  • I think they need to ban such activities. It’s an invasion of your privacy


  • Its so bad when they come knocking sometimes its so hard to get them to go away, I told a few fibs in my day to get them to go like I don’t know what company im with my husband pays bills etc lol and they say things like well go get your last bill and we will find out grrr have sometimes had to be rude and just say sorry im not interested and shut the door. No charites shouldn’t do it either


  • I think that all door knocking should be banned. It is becoming too invasive and is a security concern. There are a number of other ways to raise money. For example, I have never had veterans coming to my door trying to sell Anzac badges but they seem to manage by having people selling them at public locations like shopping centres.


  • Im just glad that where i live now we dont get any door knockers or junk mail its great, but when i did live in the metro area and often got people knocking on my door it makes me feel very uneasy and also kinds of puts you on the spot and makes you feel bad if you want to say ‘NO’ to them.


  • I refuse to open the door to anyone day or night, as we have a video intercom that we can see & talk to whoever is at the door! It is easy getting rid of unwanted visitors!

    • Maybe that’s what I need. I might look into how expensive they are to get. I really dislike door knocking because when I call out and ask who it is they don’t answer you.

      • My husband had worked with a company that installed ours at N/C but he said you can probably pick up a cheaper one from Bunnings for probably around $200.


  • I think it’s terrible. Plus I caught someone out recently who was pretending to be associated with the government. If I want to donate to charities I will seek them out in my time. It’s scary when you get an after dark knock at the door.


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