Over the last couple of months has been the worst time of my 52 year young life. I had been really unwell every couple of weeks. I suffer severe chronic pain in my legs and back. I have had 2 surgeries on my back, injections into my nerves in my back to numb them, to no avail. Anyhow, I would get a pain in my tummy, which then caused my legs and back to be in intense pain 100/10 on the pain scale. I would bang on the wall for my hubby, he would come in but I was in too much pain to tell him, he couldn’t touch me, it would hurt. I took myself to bed and took 3 sleeping tablets to try and knock myself out, I usually need 2, so I thought 3 would help, I would get hot, then cold, sit up, lay down, then eventually I could lay down to sleep. aaagghh no pain, then an hour later I would be awake in agony again. Then i would fall asleep again for 4 to 5 hours. I would wake up, go to the toilet and have diarhoea. I would go back to bed, sleep for awhile longer then have to rush to the loo again. This would go on overnight. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink anything but burp rotten egg taste and drink milk.

Once the diahroea was gone a couple of days later i was as good as gold, when I told the doctor he was really worried so I had to have blood tests done, and excuse the rest, but 4 stool samples. 3 had to be done each time I went and used my bowels, had to be kept in the fridge and a fresh sample. Hubby dropped them off at the hospital on the friday. On monday morning, I received a phone call from the doctors surgery saying they got some results in and the doctor wants to see me today. That scared the hell out of me. We waited until the time. When we walked in, I was expecting the worse. He told me I could possibly be Bowel Cancer or polyps. So now I wait for a colonoscopy.

On top of that, my mum rang to say she was having weird turns. She had swelling of the Cortex and Frontal Lobe of her brain, got the results, as there is no brain cancer, whew!, but there is more damage to the cortex than for someone her age. Now we wait for another 4 months until the next review.

Then there was my 7 yr old granddaughter fell down a fence, whilst trying to grab the top she scraped the skin down to the bone on two fingers and into her palm. They flew her to Royal Melbourne Children’s Hos[ital. After 2 operations and 2 fingers being stuck together for 3 weeks, she arrives home after her second surgery, was only home for a few days, then put into the local hospital finding she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

What is next? My Sulpher Crested Cockatoo was let out of his locked cage, flew loose for 2 of the coldest days we had here and luckily after 2 nights freedom. The sooner we build the avairy the better.

Sometimes I wonder if technology has anything to do with the changes that are being mafe in society today. There are so many different types of technology that I wouldn’t be surprised that some of it was the cause of some cancers.

Posted by dee lindsay, 29th October 2014

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  • keep going and keep your head up.


  • Wow what a terrible time you and your family have had. This thread is a little old so I really hope that by now things have turned around for the better! Fingers crossed for happier times ahead.

    • Thank you for your comments. Life has not improved, I am being tested for Bowel Cancer in a couple of days, My beautiful rottie Jessica Bonnie is dying, it is horrible watching her, but she surprises us some days, then other days she is not good. The vet didn’t think she would be alive over a week ago, but I think we are coming to an end. She isn’t in pain but getting weak.

      I hope she keeps fighting and I will keep fighting. My mum has to as she has an embolism that can’t be removed.

      I am trying to be positive about myself and I have a great husband and wonderful online friends that keep me going.

      thank you again. xxx dee


  • I really hope things are better for you soon. Sounds like you’re having a terrible time. I don’t know about the technology thing, but your run of luck has to change soon. Wishing you all the best :)


  • Hi dee, I am differently no doctor but was wondering if you are gluten sensitive, also google fibromyalgia and see if any parts of your body in the certain areas are painful for you. I am gluten intolerant/sensitive and used to get terrible irritable bowel (excruciating stomach pain, diarrhea and be left week for a couple of days), I also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Changing my diet has helped in so many ways, cutting out wheat and eating way less sugar are the main changes that have seen great results. To much sugar in a day will see me with poor sleep, muscle and nerve twitches, a headache, sore left side of neck and aches in various places. So cutting out gluten and lowering my sugar intake is a great help to me.
    Hoping this is something you can think about and maybe try if your doctor does not come up with any answers. Do hope life is on the way up again for you and your family.
    Also I am not that certain technology is playing a part in your troubles.
    Please keep us posted on your health and good luck. :-)

    • oopps sorry : should read weak.

      • Dear Cherz, thank you for your message. I had blood tests and there is some sort of level testing to show cancer cells, my cancer level was high enough to be concerned but not too high, and with blood in the stools, the specialist is doing a colonoscopy. They are quietly concerned with my levels, so they want it done asap. I received a letter today and have booked me in on the 27th November at 12.30pm. I am very concerned but hoping there are just polyps. I will talk with my doctor about the gluten free products, I do have quite a good GP. He used to work with Cancer patients, so he understands pain. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have fibromyalgia. I have a chronic pain support group on facebook called “Chronic Pain Sufferers Support Group”, so you are always welcome to join me.
        Thank you again and I will take notice of your comments. I sometimes wish we lived back in the day where we didn’t have electricity, Ladies wore beautiful gowns every day, ladies were ladies and gentlemen were gentlemen. The old westerns with the saloons, cowboys etc. No cars, only horse and carriage.
        Best wishes to you and your family. I wish you a very merry and pain free christmas. xxx dee


  • Wow what a run you have had, I think it is a bit off a stretch to blame it on technology. I hope that the road gets a bit easier for you and your family


  • Good golly you need to buy a lotto ticket as your luck has to change, yes for sure mobile phones have already been linked which doesn’t surprise me, more people are disconnecting home phones as they say they only need their mobile


  • I’m sorry for your troubles, but it seems a stretch to blame them on technology.


  • Wow what a run! So sorry to hear! I hope your coping well with some stable support.
    All the articles about things that can be related to the causing of cancer definitely makes you wonder.


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