I’m very pleased to announce that I am 542 days morning sickness free!!! And I must say that each and every one of those days, I have never ever been more grateful for not feeling sick. I was one of the unfortunate ones who ended up having pretty bad morning sickness right from 6 weeks through till when I was laying on the surgical bed being stitched up :-/

Pre-pregnancy, I stupidly used to think that morning sickness was all in your head. That if you were a melodramatic kind of person you would be more likely to be one of the ones who suffered from it (I mean who cant handle a bit of nausea). I was determined to be morning sickness free. Oh did I get a well deserved wake up call! I found out I was pregnant due to my morning sickness which was made X 10 worse working full time in childcare in a room on my own, which made rushing to the staff toilet ASAP particularly difficult.

I tried everything to ease the symptoms: sea sickness bands, the tablets the hospital gives you, eating dry biscuits all day every day, eating small amounts regularly, ginger the list goes on and on. Believe me I had a lot of time to test it all out. I even did the power of the mind at 12 weeks and 20 weeks saying to myself and everyone else for that matter that the morning sickness period is over now and I WONT be sick any more (Didn’t work!). The only way I can describe it to someone who hasn’t experienced it first hand is, it’s like the worst hang over you have ever had 24/7. Including the severe tiredness, feeling sick, vomiting, smells of certain food, drinks or anything for that matter making you run to the toilet to vomit, headaches pretty much the whole package.

A few moments I would love to share with you; Our local IGA in Kingaroy where I lived at the time had a small bakery at the entrance. There was no way around it but go straight past. To me while pregnant it had a funny smell that used to trigger my gag reflex, I tried to hold it in while I rushed in to just grab a couple of things but I didn’t even get to my first item and it was almost to late. I literally ran out the front door and just made it to the raised garden bed that lined the ramp about 2 meters from the door and vomited. Thankfully there was no one coming or going for that moment and I pulled it together to rush over to my car that was conveniently parked next to another bare garden when I finished the deed. I’m sure bystanders must have thought I was some weird ‘alcho’ blind rotten drunk at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Not a pleasant experience.

Another less lucky for me incident was one evening we had a staff meeting. Now I knew I couldn’t eat fast food because it was another ‘trigger’ but I figured I didn’t have time to cook for myself and I could just choose a healthier option (a burger with plenty of salad… no chips) and I should be fine. I made it right through the meeting and on the way home I made it 3/4 of the way and before I could pull over it ended up all over my lap, arms, shirt, door, steering wheel, seat, floor, floor mat, dash board, windscreen and believe it or not the sun visor and roof!!! I had a friend staying at my house at the time for TAFE and I stumbled in covered head to toe in vomit and I am forever grateful that he helped me take my seat cover off before it could soak through to the seat. I must say I really feel for the car detailers who helped me clean it the next day.

Finally I don’t know if it was the anaesthetic, drugs I was on through out my labour or it was still my morning sickness but the worst of all time that I had to throw up was moments after my ‘c’ section. I endured 4 days of contractions, 9 hours of labour and still ended up having a cesarean. After they cut me open and Hannah was with the nurse being cleaned up, instead of having the first cuddles and special new family moments I was vomiting AGAIN! But this time was so scary. As I had to have the spinal block so they could do the procedure my tummy muscles weren’t working and I couldn’t bring it up. I was OK but it kinda ruined the moment!

Any way my point is that I still am so grateful to be not sick anymore. 9 months is a very long time to be sick, it makes enjoying the pregnancy and having that beautiful mother-to-be glow, heaven forbid trying to work through till 35 weeks and nesting so difficult. I really feel for any new mothers who have any nausea at all and don’t wish it on my worst of enemies! Fingers crossed next time round I have better luck.

What are your morning sickness remedies?

Posted by themummanextdoor, 14th June 2015

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  • Ahhh the dreaded morning sickness. I had morning sickness with my 1st child in ’08. I was feeling nauseous and dizzy, and that’s how I found out I was pregnant. Anyways, all through my pregnancy, every day I was sick. Whilst I was in labour in the labour suit ready to give birth I vomited… Oh how horrible. My 2nd child was really the same – morning sickness the whole way through. My 3rd child though, I had it on and off, so I had a few good days to actually get out and about thank goodness. And my 4th child, I felt a bit of nausea here and there, but not really any morning sickness =)


  • With my 2 boys I was very very sick. Had to be hospitalised a number of times and I took a vast cocktail of drugs to try and remain out of hospital. With my girls however, my morning sickness was a lot more mild.


  • I know the feeling and I feel for you. I was like that too my first symptom was Morning sickness(all day). I had to drive 1 hours to get to my work and I had to pull up 5 times before I get to work every single day and then run to the toilet every hour at work. I don’t know how I got through………but here I am with my 10 month old bubba. Thanks for sharing your story.


  • The only thing that saved me from the morning sickness, was to eat lollies. I am scared of vomiting and I will stop myself, even if it makes me feel worse.. So I ate lollies so it didn’t taste bad coming back up.. and it kept my sugar levels up just enough to keep me going


  • Vitamin b tablets i was told by a midwife to try and my goodness it has been a blessing i had tried everything from ginger to teas to eating crackers before getting up and avoiding food that smell never worked but vitamin b and waffers have been amazing so feel for anyone who gets it so bad


  • Oh dear, I feel for you. With my first pregnancy, I had horrendous morning sickness, I ended up in hospital as I could not keep down water either, however my morning sickness stopped right on 12 weeks. If I thought that was bad with my son my horrendous morning sickness started early and did not finish until I was 7 months along, this time I ended up in hospital three times, like you the tablets they gave did not really help, tried everything and nothing seemed to work. I was glad it finished when it did. I cannot imagine having to go through that until the end of the pregnancy.


  • Better. At least you don’t have to think that one daughter could get it.
    I’m glad this experience is part of the past now. Take care!!


  • Thanks! I enjoy writing and sharing so it seems like a good place to do that. No, the doctors could never find a reason. It is very common though for most pregnant women to experience some morning sickness at some point during their pregnancies. My Mother had some morning sickness for a few weeks at the start of her pregnancies but it was never as servere as mine. I don\’t believe it was genetic though.


  • That sounds terrible.Im currently 9 weeks have started vomiting a bit, hope it doesnt get too much worse.


  • Not a fun time! No wonder you’re celebrating being morning sick free!


  • Absolutely nothing worked to relieve my morning sickness.


  • i am glad that you are not sick lol. I never got it but have seen my friend crippled with it. She couldn’t work or care for her other child.


  • Oh my! What an experience!!! I’ve never heard it could last that long! Do you know if you could have the same experience again with another pregnancy? I’m glad for you it’s over. It must have been so hard and tiring for you.
    I never suffered morning sickness. Sorry! :-)

    • Hi MOM90758, since I wrote this story on my Blog I have been through another pregnancy and had another daughter. I did suffer from morning sickness again. My first time around I was throwing up 2-3 times a day everyday from 6 weeks through till the moment Hannah was being delivered. The second time around, the morning sickness started at 7-8 weeks and for the majority of the time I was being sick just once a day except maybe a 3-5 week period where it was the same old 2-3 times a day right up until the 20 week mark where it eased off.

      I was still throwing up from time to time, maybe once a week and I still felt sick or nauseous a lot but it was not all the time like it was in the first half of the pregnancy and the intensity was bearable! I wrote about it on my blog if your interested in reading more… http://themummanextdoor.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/morning-sickness-round-2.html

      Thank you for all your sympathy everyone!!!

      • Oh! Thank you for your answer. What an interesting thing. Boring for you of course, but interesting. Did the doctors ever explain you the reason you got it? Is there some genetic reason? Do you know if your mother suffered from morning sickness too?
        You had a great idea with that blog!!


  • Wow you poor lady with all that morning sickness.
    I’m glad you are finally free of it


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