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Mums with BPD and their Possible BPD child.

How do you deal with BPD, Life changing events (seperation), Diagnosed in January, reading up I can see where it has affected me throughout...

7 Answers

Thoughts about Repeat or elective Caesarean

I’m worried about my delivery. Hoping for a VBAC but wondering about repeat Caesarean

15 Answers

10 Signs of Hidden Anxiety

To help everyone recognise any symptoms so that if they require help they can seek it out, here are 10 signs of hidden...

22 Answers

How To Keep Yourself And Your Kids Calm In This Cl...

Now with more kids staying home and parents struggling with the uncertainty of the future for their jobs, homes and families, it makes sense...

28 Answers

Any tips to help separation anxiety in a 1 year ol...

I have a now 22 month old, who has been going to day care (1 day for 6...

5 Answers

Learning to drive at 29

Ashamed to say I do not have my license at 29. As I grew up in foster care I never had anyone teach...

11 Answers

How To Tackle Back To School Anxiety

If school anxiety affects your child, you'll know how hard their journey can be especially at this time of year. Help them deal...

13 Answers

Are you guilty of self sabotage?

Perhaps you feel like everything is going badly? Are there things you want but they just aren’t happening for you? Are you...

26 Answers

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