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Cancer how has it impacted your family?

How has the big C impacted you’re family. Having a hard time accepting it’s presence in mine.

3 Answers

What to cook for someone having chemotherapy

The big C.  As we get older, it crops up more and more as we, and those close to us, are directly or...

24 Answers

The making of a princess

It was a lovely summer’s day and my husband and I had somehow escaped the children and were on a rare outing. We...

26 Answers

What childhood cancer taught me

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my experience with childhood cancer. I’m Kate. In my late 20’s I gave...

22 Answers

What to say to friend who has breast cancer?

My friend has breast cancer and it spread to her brain. She has a husband and three kids. I don’t know what to...

22 Answers

Angelina Jolie got double mastectomy “for the ki...

Brad Pitt has praised his wife’s decisions to undergo a double mastectomy and have her fallopian tubes removed...

14 Answers

Do any of the mums here have lymphodema?

I have developed lymphodema following breast cancer surgery. I’m wondering if anyone else has this and what you do to manage the symptoms....

2 Answers

Is it safe to have sex after cancer treatment?

I’ve just got over having cancer, I have had my radiotherapy, and I like to know is it all...

9 Answers

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