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Apple or Android?

Which operating system do you prefer?

7 Answers

Things to consider before buying a smartphone for ...

The decision to give your child their first phone can be one of the most difficult ones a...

9 Answers

Enlarge the text on your tiny smartphone screen

Ever find yourself squinting at the screen trying to decipher the tiny text on your smartphone? Or do you...

15 Answers

How to lock your notes on an apple device

The Notes app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch is a great way of electronically taking down notes throughout the day. You might...

4 Answers

Take smartphone photos like a pro photographer

I went to my last-ever university ball on Thursday. Among other things, such as dolling up in the...

11 Answers

The quickest way to silence your phone.

We all love being on our phones during the day. I don’t know about you, but I love getting notifications on my phone,...

8 Answers

How to completely erase your smartphone

With technology perpetually advancing, it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain privacy. That’s why it’s important for us know how to erase private...

16 Answers

Pokemon Go: A guide for parents and beginners

If you regularly surf the web, you’ll have definitely heard about this. I can’t even scroll two minutes through Facebook without seeing at...

17 Answers

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