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My baby boy is 9 months and has no teeth, is this ...

He is my first so I am not sure what to look for but he seemed to be...

9 Answers

What is the best pain relief for teething?

My little girl hs been teething for over 2 months and I just want to know if there is a better alternative to...

29 Answers

My son is teething can you please offer some advic...

My son is teething and is waking around 5-7 times a night, I’ve tried Panadol, Neurophen AND teething gel...

19 Answers

What age did your babies cut their teeth?

From early on at six weeks my baby had dribbled and cried like she was in pain. Each time people would comment saying...

16 Answers

How do you cope with a teething baby?

My normally easy going son is teething and as such he is grumpy, not sleeping, has nappy rash and is generally just having...

2 Answers

Would you recommend an amber teething necklace?

I have a 12 month old who is teething and just plain miserable with it. I don’t mind...

24 Answers

How to address fussing eating when cutting teeth?

My one year old daughter is cutting 4 teeth and has been extremely fussy with her food and...

2 Answers

Does teething cause babies to vomit?

Just wondering when a baby is teething if it can cause them to vomit?

5 Answers

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