I was out grocery shopping the other day and was a little slow putting my items on the conveyor belt and a rather young woman was getting so frustrated with me and then starting saying, ‘Oh just hurry up can’t you go any faster?’ which made me go even slower. I didn’t say anything to her as I did not want to start an argument but as I had finally finished I could hear her saying well that only took like a hour which it didn’t it only took 10 minutes. Why is there no respect or manners anymore these days?

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  • Another great article filled with GREAT information Thank you! LOVE the “extra fun” you shared. basketball stars

  • I think with every generation manners get less and less and it is horrible to see. We are raising our children how we were raised. Respecting others and lots of please and thank you’s. I think the only difference is we encourage our children to express their feelings and make them understand it is ok to cry.

  • I’m sorry about this happening to you but I find it happening quite often. It’s all about being self entitled. I would have turned around and asked her if she wanted to help put my things on the counter so it’d be quicker. I bet she wouldn’t. My mother used to say “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.. In other words just smile sweetly and say nothing. Or like me I would’ve said if you’re in such a rush go to another checkout and aren’t you rude. But I’m outspoken. Lol????

  • I am wondering if this was a elderly lady who has health issues like cataracts or other health issues you just dont know and there is always a answer for this

  • She was very rude. However, I believe your assumption that manners used to exist is incorrect. You probably do not remember or look past the times when you were young and you were the perpetrator.

  • I will not be rushed by anyone and people can simply practise patience and understanding!

  • It is a shame that some people are like that. I noticed the same thing just last week, at a register that I was being served at. The cashier was telling me how single females are being targeted in the shopping centre carpark, yet the customer behind me was starting to complain that it was taking too long for me to be served. Like seriously, some patience and respect sure goes a long way.

  • There is a spectrum of behaviours across the board from all ages. I always choose to engage with positive and polite people and happily ignore or if warranted, respond to negative and rude people in the most appropriate way. I refuse to accept bad manners from anyone.

  • Respect and manners have gone out the window. People are so quick to speak instead of biting their tongues. Sadly there are many like this in society today. You may be slow as your mind is on other things, your back is sore, feeling unwell. A million reasons. Best not to react and try to ignore them.

  • We certainly meet quite some disrespectful and impatient people these days, but the opposite is also true and luckily there are kind and caring people out there too.
    Personally I always finds it helps to meet unkind people with kindness

  • The world is pushing people to the edge i think. There is lots of messaging about “self” and far less about community. People don’t post on social media for a community to help others, they do it to glorify themselves. Sorry you had that experience, it’s the world we’re in now I think.

  • I find a lot of people have no manners these days. Everyone is always so rude. I especially hate it on the train when there are elderly people who don’t get a seat and others just sit on their phone pretending like they didn’t see them so that they don’t have to stand up. Makes me so angry!!!

  • You are spot on go slower but I usually say sorry no English sprecensee deutz so far I have not got any German people and I give a big smile

  • Shocking! So sorry you experienced that. It cost nothing to be kind .. something a lot of people have forgotten in this day and age.

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