There was an a real story written recently that quite rightly a lot of people questioned the validity of the site they were recommending, as there was really no supporting evidence just a link. The story said that the author had tried it and it had worked, yet when the other mums asked about it further the author said they were still in the process of trying it and then at some stage even said it was fake. Then the author also rudely insulted one of the mums after she made what I would consider not a nasty comment but just a realistic one. We all come from various walks of life on this site and we are all so very different and unique and that is what makes this site work- the fact that we are all very different and can offer advice on a variety of topics to one another. I have found this site and the mums very supportive. We all have differing opinions, but generally we respect each other and agree to disagree in a cordial manner. If you are reading this the author of the story about making money off the internet, please take a moment to consider how what you write may affect somebody else, sometimes we may be thinking a totally different thing in our mind and it comes out differently when written and that’s why it’s important to think about how you write things, as through words we cannot hear tone of voice or expression on a face. Thank you for reading.

Posted anonymously, 27th July 2014

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  • Sometimes things are so hard to work out and don’t always end up positively


  • Definitely agree, I always try to keep an open mind about people’s views because we all have different experiences in life.


  • There is no place for rude comments. I did not see this comment but I am glad someone has highlighted the need for respect in these type of forums.


  • I agree; respecting a person\’s opinion is important even if you don’t agree with the expressed opinion. Act and write in a manner according to how you want to be treated and respected.


  • Have not seen this story and can’t get it up but rude comments are NOT NEEDED on here.
    Thank you for highlighting this and submitting this post/story.

    • I think it’s called WHAT A WAY TO MAKE MONEY or something like that. I tried to copy and paste but my phone is not cooperating ATM. Not the first time it’s happened though there have been a couple of other stories. I thought at first that maybe this person was having a hard time or day but it’s happening a bit.


  • I found that particular person to be rude too and I was glad to see your response to them.

    • Thank you. I seen your latest comment just before I came onto this post and I replied also to that individuals reply to you. I know it’s bad but I hate seeing people be rude to others and sometimes I wish I could just turn a blind eye but it’s hard when it’s happened so many times.


  • Looks like this was before my time on here.

    • I had forgotten all about in until I seen the same person doing the same thing to somebody else.


  • I would and do Jessmumof3 but I couldn’t believe this person was again being rude to people. Here’s what was said to me, which was not only hurtful but she knew nothing about my separation details :
    APRIL 15, 2014 AT 9:35 PM,
    This should have been one of the main reasons why your son’s father walk out on you. You lack the sense of reasoning. I am not living in a western country, but in my country Cameroon – Africa. Christianity does not warrant pretense, nor any form of extra stress, to satisfy the things of the world. Here in my country, when you are working more than 10 persons including adults, look up to you for their daily bread and all it takes to be alive. No credit cards, no unemployment benefits you name them.
    Learn to understand others and you will live a happy life. African kids need food, we have our artists who make some good playing items our kids cherish. They like drums, wire cars, old tires, dish covers with spokes and many more.

    • When that was written it was going through the hardest time of my life and living day by day. I was the person who left him for reasons that are very hurtful and which I won’t go into. It was six years later and he decided to bankrupt me and try to take my son away because he was getting remarried and wanted to relocate. Had it not been for my family I would not have had legal representation, as I wasn’t eligible for legal aid but wasn’t able to afford a lawyer. I was in a horrible emotional state and underwent things as did he like psychometric testing and very invasive court psychologists asking personal questions that nobody should ever have to go through. I was trying to hold down my full time job and it was the most stressful time of my life not knowing whether I would lose my precious son or not and the bills kept flying in. I also have no family in the state am on my own and have a limited support network, although my lovely close friends wrote sworn statements in regards to my character. This has only just ended last month after a year. I also had illness to contend with during that time. Thank goodness life has turned a corner for me and I’m grateful for everyday and just the small things. I just was disappointed to see the same lady being rude to another. I perhaps didn’t need to stick my beak in, but I’ve always been one of those people who stands in for those I believe are being wronged or another is being rude to. I am getting better at minding my own business and I guess I should have in this case as well. I will now leave this rest, I just thought I should provide an explanation.


  • Think its all just abit of fun shrug it off each to their own :)


  • I agree some comments have been harsh but generally I find MoM a friendly & supportive environment. What has been annoying are the articles written by “an expert” that seems full of misinformation, scare mongering or trying to peddle their wares.

    • I haven’t noticed these articles. Don’t like scare mongering one bit though, no need for it or trying to or using the site as a place to peddle wares. I’m interested to know what articles written by “an expert” but if you want that to remain anonymous I understand as well. Just was thinking I must not have read them or been a bit oblivious.

      • Sorry I meant “that person to remain anonymous” in my last comment.


  • And also I think to start from the point of assuming people aren’t TRYING to be rude… because most people aren’t, it’s just (as the author of this has said) sometimes things come across wrong.

    That said, I also appreciate that most of the stories/questions/answers/comments here are very genuine, and hope we don’t start getting too many less sincere ones.


  • You are right and the words also can not show any sort of emotion and it is a site that we are all from different places as in social or age or be it income and it is what makes the site work as you are getting advice or kind words and such from a broad spectrum in the scale of life. I know at times when I have had something going on that affects me emotionally I have written things that could come across snakey but so far I have been lucky and not had any nasty things back so to speak. Again not all people read the same post and think about it in the same way as every one else does and that is why we get such a broad range of advice. So yes people need to sit back at times and think of just how the person may have meant for something to come across they have written

    • I went back and re read the comment made to a lady on that story just to make sure I hadn’t misread it or misinterpreted it, but I really think it was just a tad on the rude side asking if somebody could read. It’s not what I have come to expect on this site and I think I was just a little taken aback by it. I struggled to get a gist of what was going on because first the author said sorry and the site was a fake and then she said she was trying it and she would let us know.


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