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Toddler that has an epic screaming voice!

Our daughter is 21 months old and the third child, with two older brothers. She has developed a pattern that involves incredibly loud...

9 Answers

Teens and depression: What is normal?

Talking to teens about depression can be very difficult for parents.  You may have concerns but knowing the best way to address them...

5 Answers

Beyond the paper, pen, and envelope — being mind...

I think I might get T-Shirts made with the slogan—“Even though we’re miles apart, a computer screen connects...

12 Answers

Are you caught in a Drama Cycle?

DRAMA QUEEN? SUPERHERO? ANGRY BIRD? Do any of these personalities live in your home, belong to your family or come to your workplace? I’m...

6 Answers

Struggle is essential for growth

As mothers we can sometimes be overprotective of our children and in so doing, disempower them to deal with life on their own. I...

17 Answers

Managing those tricky teenage years

One of the biggest challenges that parents of teenagers face is how to maintain a good relationship with a young person whilst also...

10 Answers

9 positive communication tips for parents

Being a parent calls for a constant stream of communication that seems to go in one ear and out the other – that’s...

9 Answers

The connection challenge

Do you feel dizzy with the avalanche of social media material that lands on your computer every day? I do. I get pop-ups...

27 Answers

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