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Tips on how to train a budgie?

We recently bought a young budgie and we would love to be able to handle her outside of the cage. Does anyone have...

11 Answers

Does anyone have pet insurance?

Does anyone have pet insurance? Is it expensive and is it worthwhile compared to budgeting and putting money aside for large vet bills? I...

18 Answers

What is the best kitty litter for cats?

We recently got a little kitten for my son to grow up with and she has fitted to the family perfectly. However I'm...

12 Answers

Have you used coconut oil for rashes on your pets?

I have been told that coconut oil is great for dogs and cats and I was wondering who...

9 Answers

Can anyone help with advice on a Fighting Fish?

I have a problem; my daughter was given a fighting fish for her birthday as a present but...

13 Answers

Is it Time for a Pet?

Are you thinking about getting a pet? Pets are great additions to families however there are a number of pros and cons that...

49 Answers

How to stop a cat spraying?

A cat is coming into our yard and spraying everywhere! Pot plants, bins, back stairs, etc it is getting really stinky. Any suggestions...

9 Answers

Dealing with pets dying?

Last year we found out our beloved family pet had cancer. After an operation and courses of antibiotics and treatments, the cancer is...

26 Answers

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