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Any tips for cleaning a shower screen?

Are there any tried and true ways to clean cloudy, shower glass. Think it might be soap scum or similar. Help please.

7 Answers

What’s an environmentally friendly way of cleani...

The shower drain is always getting clogged up, and no matter how much hair I clear out of...

25 Answers

Does mould in the bathroom cause damage?

We had a crack in the bathroom tile and my husband put clear filler over the crack. Now mould is appearing. Should I...

19 Answers

Does your baby love or hate the shower?

On the days where a bath was not practical, I would pop Baby in the shower. She used to cry and cry even...

9 Answers

What is the best product to use to clean your show...

I would love to know what everyone thinks is the best product to use to clean your...

13 Answers

Anyone know a good brand for shower water filter?

Hi everybody, just wanted to know if someone knows a good brand for a shower water filter? Thank...

1 Answers

Soap build up on shower screens?

I have soap build up on my shower screen and I have been trying to get it off for months with no luck....

71 Answers

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