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My baby hates getting her teeth brushed, any advic...

My baby now 7 months old has 2 teeth and 3 more are coming through. Every time we...

18 Answers

What age do milk teeth fall out?

Just wondering when kids milk teeth fall out and what the going rate is from the tooth fairy lol.

28 Answers

Do you floss your toddler’s teeth?

At my last visit to the dentist we talked about bringing my daughter (2.5yrs) in for a visit. The dentist then gave me...

15 Answers

Does morning sickness affect your teeth?

Is it true that constant vomiting with morning sickness can affect your teeth? I never thought of it until my Dad said...

17 Answers

Toddler teeth grinding help?

My 3 year old grinds her teeth in her sleep. Should I be concerned?

12 Answers

Hypocalcification – when can it be fixed?

My 5 year old daughter has a top front tooth growing down that has a yellow spot on...

20 Answers

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