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Toddler washing own hands

When did your toddler start washing his/ her own hands?

13 Answers

My washing line is broken, should I repair or buy ...

I have a washing line outside and the lines on it are starting to break and am loosing...

8 Answers

How often do you wash your clothes?

I am wondering if I am washing too much – I like the smell of freshly laundered clothes and only tend to wear...

44 Answers

Do you add fabric softener to washing powder which...

I love fabric softener and recently bought some washing powder with this added in but still add extra...

11 Answers

How do you get Bat Poo Stains out of washing?

I’ve tried prestain remover, soaking, scrubbing nothing works? How do you get Bat Poo Stains out of washing?

2 Answers

How can I get rid of stains in clothes after they ...

I am having a lot of trouble getting rid of stains from clothes once they have already been...

20 Answers

How do I get foundation out of white Lycra??

I have a uniform which is white Lycra and a bunch of other stuff. I can't put the whole thing in the wash...

8 Answers

Is fabric softener necessary?

I am a Mr Mom & have always wondered whether fabric softener is necessary in every wash?

71 Answers

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