Help make your life easier by throwing these items into the washing machine.

Did you know your washing machine could clean more than just your dirty laundry? Why not try to wash some of these items:

1. Shower curtains – yes even plastic ones

When your shower curtain gets dirty and mouldy just throw it in the machine in cold water – voila it’s like new again.

2. Your pillows

We probably don’t think about it but our pillows can get pretty dirty. Just make sure you read the label first to ensure your pillow is OK to pop into the machine.

3. Curtains

Most of us wouldn’t think to look at our curtains but they can get pretty dirty. Check the label first but you’ll find many types can be thrown in the machine. Then just rehang to dry.

4. Car mats

Even though they usually have a rubber backing you can throw your car and bathroom mats into the machine. Just be sure to vacuum them to remove dirt before throwing them in the machine then hang them out to dry.

5. Smelly sports apparel

It’s good to know that your dirty, smelly shin pads, gloves, knee and elbow pads can all go in the machine. You won’t know them when they come out smelling fresher and looking brighter.

6. Your pet’s bed

Our pets are very dear to us but how often do you actually clean their bed? Before throwing it in the machine take the bed outside and give it a good shake to remove the fur. Before giving it back to your pet hang it on the line in the sun to dry.

7. Your shoes

Most sneakers and sport shoes can be thrown in the machine but just be sure to remove the laces. Make sure to dry them in the fresh air and not the dryer.

8. Your doona

Not many people realise your doona can actually go in the machine. If it can fit throw it in. To help prevent the feathers clumping together in the dryer throw some tennis balls into the dryer to help fluff it up.

9. Backpacks, gym bags and lunch bags

Yes, you can actually throw your backpacks, gym bags and lunch bags into the machine. It’s probably a good idea to empty out the crumbs before you throw them into the machine. As they will take a while to dry it’s best to think about doing this on a sunny weekend.

10. Soft toys

While our kids love their soft toys they can get pretty smelly and dirty. Remove any clothes or bits and pieces on the toys and then just throw them in the washing machine. If the toy is old or delicate you may want to throw it in a mesh washing bag.

11. Lego

You’d be surprised how grimy and dirty lego can get. To give you piece of mind just throw them in a wash bag and into the machine.

What else have you thrown in the machine? Please SHARE your ideas with us below.

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  • Anytime I have washed pillows they are nevver the same.
    Be very careful washing shoes as often the glue will disolve and they will fall apart.


  • Huh, never thought about washing the lego!


  • I wash the lounge cushions but it never came to mind if throwing the bed pillows in the machine. The LEGO idea is great and one I would never have thought of as my kids have just started to get involved in LEGO and I probably would have washed it all by hand.


  • Good advise. I’d never think to put my shower curtain in-great idea!


  • Great article! Shoes and lego I would have never considered before …..


  • Wow, lego in a wash bag – that is genius!


  • There are many things on this list I had never considered to put in my washing macine. I do wash shoes (eg. runners/slippers etc.) in the washing machine, have also washed soft toys. This article has made me think outside the square.


  • I love these idea, the only thing is if I was something like a pillow or backpacks, my machine unbalances and I have to constantly balance it.


  • That is a good idea, didn’t think of Lego and we have heaps of it.


  • Couch cushions and soft toys are often thrown in mine but lego I find is better in the dishwasher. If you are going to to wash it in the washing machine put them in a delicate bag or onion net bag.


  • Add some vinegar for shower curtains.
    Awesome to know about lego. What a great way to clean them!


  • Carpet slippers and flip flops… ideal

    • Oh, flip flops – would never have thought of that


  • The kids….oh, sorry, wrong forum. ……lol.


  • wow, the washing machine is so versatile… going to have to give them a go.


  • Great ideas – will be following these tips.


  • These are great ideas and I’m going to run with them. I do wash my son’s dirty runners in the washing machine, but not much else that’s too odd or different. I’ll definitely be working through this list. I’ve also washed cushion covers!


  • Great ideas here, I also throw pillows and soft toys in.


  • I throw my dogs toys in the washing machine and then hang them on the line to dry. She hates them on the line but is very excited when they dry and I start to take them off.


  • Yes, I love to use my washing machine for these things too.
    I’ve never washed our car mats in the washing machine though as they’re completely from rubber. I good srup with soapy hot water is just or even more efficient.


  • I wouldn’t have thought of leggo especially when stuff gets all stuck up in it putting it through the wash would loosen it all up and get it straight out. So happy with this new knowledge.


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