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15 And Pregnant

A mum shares her real story of falling pregnant as a teenager. I was 15 when I fell pregnant with my eldest. I told my...

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No Kids by choice

Has anyone else every been made to feel inadequate for choosing not to have children? I had step children from a young age...

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I didn't enjoy being pregnant

My second pregnancy I didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t a bad pregnancy but I spent my whole time worrying about how I would...

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Stranger danger

One day my 2 year old daughter and I were walking to the shops. She stopped to watch a motor bike go by...

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My Returning to work story

It has been several months now since I have been back to work. I have started by just doing 2 days a week...


My daughter's Grommet operation

The day before Lauren’s operation she woke up with a cough. Both her sister and I had been nursing a head cold prior...

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Kids Birthdays

My baby is turning SEVEN tomorrow! I still can’t believe that its been seven years since we had a baby in the house!...

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Working Mum Juggle

How do you handle working full time and making sure your kids are happy? It’s such a struggle to keep a healthy work/life...

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Children with disabilities

I am a special education teacher and a mother of a child with a disability. It can be a difficult time. So I...

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Changing when you become a mum

I didn’t think I would but it happened. As soon as I became a mum I completely changed. I found my circle of...

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A Dogs Purpose

I just can’t tell you how much I love these movies, a dogs journey a dogs purpose and a dogs way home…. I...

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Dreaming of an alternate life

Does anyone else every have those days where you wot if and day dream about what your life would be like if you...

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Thai Embarrasment

So while travelling through Thailand I cam across an wonderful place where the Monks rehomed elephants so they worked 10% of the elephants...

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Toy Story 4

I don’t know who is more excited about the up and coming Toy Story 4 – me or my kids! I LOVE Disney...


Live Life Get Active: Another great free fitness initiative

After many months searching for some fitness activities to do I was delighted to stumble upon the Live...

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Sacrificing my career to raise children

I have been a SAHM since having our first son 6 years ago, we now have 3 children and the youngest is nearly...

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The life of a butterfly

I really recommend if you have an opportunity to see a Monarch butterfly go through its stages. We were privileged to see a...

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Tips for school homework.

So i have always struggled to do homework with the kids until now. My daughter and i have a new found routine. We...

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Building a house

After a substantial insurance payout, my husband and I were blessed to be able to build our first home. It seemed like a...

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Traumatic life experience

In December of 2017 we bought our dream home. An amazing house for our kids to grow, an amazing backyard for the dogs...

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Dinners that help save money and time

The dreaded dinner time is here and you’re struggling in the kitchen with 3 young kids whining at your legs, dinner is taking...

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Shopmate service

Recently I decided to trial the shopmate delivery service from the US to Australia. I got a quote for the delivery and whilst considerable...

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Shopping a bargain

I find it hard to make ends meet with a family of 3 kids. Shopping bills are astronomical particularly if I don’t carefully...

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Extra $$ for busy mums

I sell unwanted items on eBay or similar sites and use this extra cash for treats for the family. Does anyone have other...

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