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Back to work

I was really looking forward to returning to work early after my second bun. Coronavirus meant I had barely left the house for...

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Birth Story

I am one of those mums that loves hearing other peoples birth stories. I love watching labour vlogs and knowing all of the...

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Times have changed…..

I am a mother of 3 and now a grandmother of 6. Over the years, things have changed dramatically and in many...

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Adult popcorn and language

My 2 year old daughter cannot speak clearly. So when she asked for snacks she said i want porn. I was shocked to...

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universal problems

I laughed when I read the story of a pea up their daughters nose as it instantly reminded me of myself as a...

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Objects in toddlers nose

So my 2yr old has never really done anything silly that most children at her age would normally have done, until about 2...

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Lesbian Bread

My son and I went to the local shop to purchase a few bits and pieces for lunch. We had decided on wraps...


Giving thanks is the right thing to do.

During these unprecedented times of COVID19, it has forced all of us to do things differently. I for one have missed the...

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How can I be a successful step mum?

As Im a mum to 5 boys and a step mum to two girls and two boys, I struggle with my step dad...

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Surgery after surgery, does it end?

So all my teenage and adult life, I have always struggled with back pain. I saw several doctors and chiropractors, pysio’s etc to see...

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Survivor and strong

I’m in remission for breastcancer, suffer for chronic spine&lower back pain and arthritis and spasms in my legs, I take 60 pain killers...

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Love them whilst you have them… life is precious.

We go through many stages in our life from negotiating the mine field of growing up to raising...

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3 Day Camps That Your Kids Will Love

With summer approaching, it’s time to help your children decide what they’ll want to do with two whole months of free time. With...

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Thai Embarrasment

So while travelling through Thailand I cam across an wonderful place where the Monks rehomed elephants so they worked 10% of the elephants...

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Toy Story 4

I don’t know who is more excited about the up and coming Toy Story 4 – me or my kids! I LOVE Disney...

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How to work, home school and child care?

So my husband and I are ‘trying’ to home school my primary school child, at the same time we have a two and...

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Sacrificing my career to raise children

I have been a SAHM since having our first son 6 years ago, we now have 3 children and the youngest is nearly...

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The life of a butterfly

I really recommend if you have an opportunity to see a Monarch butterfly go through its stages. We were privileged to see a...

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A better, cleaner and more appreciative world

I don’t know how the rest of you feel but i think the covid19 lockdown has brought about a lot of positive changes...

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Muffin madness….

This story is about my naughty husband who will never live down his recent example of bad manners…… After working in a shopping centre...

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Why are women the only ones to take care of the home?

I like many women are constantly taking care of my home. But why? Why should I be worried...

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A 5 min call will save you money every time. Don't ask wont get!

I know that these days, more than ever, money is tight. Its for that reason that I...

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Australian Pride

With Covid19 firmly affecting all of our lives I would like to think that something positive could come out of it all, and...

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Shopmate service

Recently I decided to trial the shopmate delivery service from the US to Australia. I got a quote for the delivery and whilst considerable...

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