It seems that there is always one parent out there that has a dislike for someone and they make it obvious. Sadly I am in this position where I am the “disliked” and the other mother is making it very obvious (as she also dislikes my husband). But it is affecting my children and that is where I think it goes too far.

She will not allow her children to go to my children’s birthday parties. This I can handle.


Her son’s birthday is this weekend and my daughter and her cousin (both in the same grade) were the ONLY children not invited to the party out of the entire class. My daughter because the mother dislikes me and my husband for reasons unknown. My niece (the cousin), because my sister is basically my best friend and will stand up for me. The saddest thing is that my daughter adores this boy.

Luckily being intellectually impaired and Autistic she does not realise there is a party so she will go along her merry way. But one day she is going to want this boy to play and he will not be allowed.

Just like when they went to a birthday party last week for someone else, and my husband was playing with the children. This mother went out of her way to call her son away from my daughter and husband. I was not there as I was home with my other daughter, but I know my husband was not exaggerating as my sister (who was also at the party) contacted me in an outrage because of how this mother acted to my husband and daughter.

Because of her there is a certain place where I have been barred from going. She worked there, and rang me to say I was no longer allowed there for a certain reason. So I put in a written complaint and then got called a lier. It turns out the “reason” was fabricated, and then she played all innocent and pretended she didnt do it even though I had witnesses. No one believes any of us, because this is a reputable business.

If I am seen in town she pulls awful faces, points to me with an awful face and talks to whomever she is with. Many times things have been spread around about my family and I, and the source of it is always her.

The sad thing is I am not the only one in town.

And I could handle it if it was only me (or my hubby) that she was taking her dislike out on. But taking it out on my innocent, beautiful and loving children? Children with disabilities that often will not understand why someone cannot play with them? That is NOT ON!

I am not going to stoop to her level and will continue to be civil to her. I will continue to invite her children to my children’s birthday parties. Because I can put my petty feelings aside for the sake of my children and act like an adult when there is a need for it.

Parents, I URGE YOU to put your personal feelings aside for another school parent (mother or father) if you dislike them but your child loves their child. At the end of the day acting the way this mother has (in a way that is better suited to high school petty fights) is only affecting the interactions between two friends. And it is devastating, sad and it does not teach out children anything. Children learn so much from the adults in their lives, and if we want to teach them tolerance and respect we need to show it in our own lives.

Posted by clarebear1983, 8th August 2013

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  • I’d do the exact same thing that you do.
    Never lower your standards for anybody, our children come first.


  • life is too short for people like that!


  • nice story for read


  • Sadly there are too many people like this woman in the world. I wouldn’t even bother trying to say hello to her, turn your back at every opportunity – she isn’t worth your consideration.


  • I’d never do this. I wouldn’t go out of my way to encourage a friendship with a child if I didn’t like their parents, but I also wouldn’t discourage it if it was important to my kids, without a very very good reason (like violence, being drunk when my kids are at their house, that sort of thing).


  • im going to be honest. I have had an issue with a lady i know. and i had to cut ties with her for my sanity and the sake of my kids. I don’t think she understands why and it was a shame because my daughter and her daughter were great friends. It did break my heart knowing my daugter couldnt see her best friend any more. My daughter was highly allergic to peanuts and this lady used to put them out every time and make cake with them in a and not tell me .. This made me so angry i would remind here every time her reaction was she cant be that allergic. She would ring me and scream at me on the phone because i hadnt rang her in 3 days .. i think she had problems.

    • I’d say she’s got really BIG problems.


  • Wow that’s so sad for ur children to miss out but they will have lots of other friends with nice parents who both u and them can enjoy each others friendship . U don’t need this horrible lady in ur life and its her loss for her not to have u in her life.


  • She wont even talk to us unfortunately. The nose goes up and the hostility comes out even if we try to say hi to her. The same thing happens to my sister. So its easier just to not talk to her (even still, I will continue to invite her sons to my children’s birthday). From the other people getting treated the same way, there is no reasoning with her unfortunately.


  • What an awful woman, just try and shield your children from her, shame her kids can’t be protected.


  • I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. She sounds like nothing but a horrible, immature b#*%! Be strong and stick to your guns. You’re lucky you are close with your sister and have her support.


  • in the end its prob a good thing… u dont need people like them in ur life!


  • It is such a shame that this horrible woman is making life more difficult for your family and in particular your daughter…
    Have you tried talking to her civilly about the situation and how you would prefer to put your ill feelings aside for the sake of the children?
    If this is the way that she is perhaps it is better that your daughter doesn’t spend too much time with her or her child – I sincerely hope her son turns out differently to her but they do say that a lot of kids that go on to be bullies get that trait from their parents.. It certainly seems like she is a piece of work…
    Hold your head up high and be proud of the example you’re setting for your own child and we can all keep our fingers crossed that her son doesn’t follow in the footsteps of his mother!


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